Goss Choice Quit CIA In 1982 Under Fire

Goss Choice Quit CIA In 1982 Under Fire Bush & Co.'s choice to run the CIA has selected a long-time lobbyist for Chevron to be the number three positioned person.

"After leaving the agency in 1982, Kostiw was hired by Texaco Inc. for its Latin America/West Africa division. He came to Washington in 1987 and rose to be ChevronTexaco's vice president for international government affairs where he managed offices in the United States and abroad."

Oh, by the way, he was more or less asked to leave the CIA the first time for lying during a lie detector test regarding a shoplifting incident...he should fit in quite well...

Kurdish demonstrators demand autonomy

Kurdish demonstrators demand autonomy Bush & Co. will have to see that that never happens....

"The call for Kirkuk to be made the capital of an autonomous Kurdistan is also particularly sensitive for Iraq's central government. If Kirkuk is made the capital then Kurds might also call for Kirkuk's huge oil revenues to be directed only to them."

Since the US supplied SH with the chemical weapons used against the Kurds in the early 90s, just about anything could happen to those who try to position themselves between Bush & Co. and an oil-well!

World reaction disproportionate

World reaction disproportionate Israel has killed at least 56 Palestinians this past week.

Hamas' representative in Lebanon, Usama Hamdan said the "massacres" committed in Gaza were done with American consent.

"It is obvious that these massacres couldn’t have happened without an American political cover or through American pressure on the members of the UN not to condemn the Israeli actions," he told Aljazeera.net

"With the US now committing (similar) crimes in Iraq and before that in Afghanistan, this reveals that the American mentality and style is similar to the Israeli one."

"The US can't criticise Israel because it will be criticising itself," he added.

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America's Lost Respect

America's Lost Respect Yet another wonderful Krugman...

Instead of respect, "we're getting instead is a provision, inserted by Congressional Republicans in the intelligence reform bill, to legalize "extraordinary rendition" - a euphemism for sending terrorism suspects to countries that use torture for interrogation. This would institutionalize a Kafkaesque system under which suspects can be sent, at the government's whim, to Egypt or Syria or Jordan - and to fight such a move, it's up to the suspect to prove that he'll be tortured on arrival. Just what we need to convince other countries of our commitment to the rule of law."


Analysis: Syria under international scrutiny

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Analysis: Syria under international scrutiny Good news for Bush & Co. as they plan their upcoming invasion into Syria...

Al-Zawahri: Resist 'crusaders'

Al-Zawahri: Resist 'crusaders' "The youth must not wait for anyone and must begin resisting from now and learn a lesson from Iraq and Afghanistan and Chechnya," al-Zawahri said.

The US can avoid this by simply withdrawing its troops... But then, where would the oil go?

Guantanamo Briton 'tortured in US custody'

Guantanamo Briton 'tortured in US custody' Bush as war criminal: "Amnesty International's UK director, Kate Allen, said: 'The US must now bring the shameful situation at Guantanamo Bay to an end. There should be a full and independent inquiry to establish who is responsible for any ill-treatment, at all levels in the US administration. Those responsible must be brought to justice.'"


Why shouldn't Iran go nuclear?

Why shouldn't Iran go nuclear? By supporting Israel, the occupations of Afghanastan and Iraq, Iran naturally seeks nuclear weapons to protect itself from a similar fate...

The Village Voice: The Bush Beat

Bush's high-risk civil war scam

Bush's high-risk civil war scam: "In the past few months, as the world watched Iraq turn into a quicksand for the US-led occupation forces, the Bush administration has been busy promoting a false image of a civil war in the country, apparently as a pretext to perpetuate its occupation"

Couldn't Have Said It Any Better Himself


Eyeing Iran Reactors, Israel Seeks U.S. Bunker Bombs

Eyeing Iran Reactors, Israel Seeks U.S. Bunker Bombs What will Israel do with its new toys?

Bush administration completes get-tough plan for Syria

Bush administration completes get-tough plan for Syria An article outlining the threat Bush & Co. are creating in Syria as a pretext to attack them.

It remains to be seen whether the three-thousand smart bombs Bush & Co. sold to Israel last week will be used to attack Syria, the nuclear plants in Iran, or, re-sold to Putin for use against the Chechan rebels...

A second question remains regarding timing these attacks with the November 2nd theft of the election.

Halliburton Watch

Halliburton Watch All the news one can stomach about this disgusting group of oil-well sniffing, money grubbing, war mongering fuckers...

Dick Cheney and the $5 Million Man

Dick Cheney and the $5 Million Man The story of Nigerian oil, Bush & Co., Halliburton, corruption, SEC investigation, and OIL OIL OIL...

"The Journal du Dimanche (JDD, a large Sunday paper) revealed on June 13 that Judge Van Ruymbeke's investigation has uncovered how Albert 'Jack' Stanley, the president of huge Halliburton subsidiary Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR) at the time of the alleged bribery, received so-called 'commissions' of 3 percent of the deal from the slush fund. The total amount Stanley received is some $5 million, according to reports in the International Herald Tribune and elsewhere. The Nigerian oil minister at the time, Dan Entete, got $2.5 million, reported the JDD. The slush fund was set up with Halliburton money by a London lawyer, Jeffrey Tesler--who worked for Halliburton at the same time he was financial adviser to the notoriously corrupt late Nigerian dictator Gen. Sani Abacha--as a shell-company front called TriStar, which Tesler established in the British tax haven of Gibraltar. Stanley, the 5 Million Dollar Man, is a close friend and associate of Dick Cheney. "

Leave no oilwell behind...

It's a Baker Botts World

It's a Baker Botts World An interesting article about the Bush & Co. legal department, Baker and Botts. The Baker is James of Daddy Bush fame. The firm is a cesspool of all things Bush. Nigerian oil, Caspian oil, the Saudi royals, and, of course, Halliburton....


Baghdad Year Zero

Baghdad Year Zero A wonderful essay in Harper's September 2004 issue on the 'reconstruciton of Iraq'.

"International law prohibits occupiers from selling state assets themselves, but it doesn’t say anything about the puppet governments they appoint." Remember that...

Bush & Co. puppet show, tickets still available!

Civilians die in US ground and air attack on bases in Fallujah

Civilians die in US ground and air attack on bases in Fallujah Stating that "The US-appointed Iraqi interim government, which supports the air strikes, last week banned the Ministry of Health in Baghdad from announcing figures for civilian casualties."

Warlords 'call shots in Afghan election'

Carter fears Florida vote trouble

Carter fears Florida vote trouble The fix is in for Jeb of Bush & Co. to steal it for BIG BROTHER in Florida again in 2004... Not much of a surprise, really, but, it is still somewhat encouraging to see Carter state it publically.

Plans: Next, War on Syria?

MSNBC - Plans: Next, War on Syria? Bush & Co. are in the midst of planning the next pre-emptive strikes for 2005... Stay tuned. The filthy bastards.

Pentagon contradicts Bush on Iraq

Pentagon contradicts Bush on Iraq Again, the Bush & Co. view of the world does not fit reality. The lies, the lies upon lies...

“The Crazies Are Back”: Bush Sr.’s CIA Briefer Discusses How Wolfowitz & Allies Falsely Led the U.S. To War

“The Crazies Are Back” A sound file is available if you would like to hear two former CIA analysts explain the LIES that led up to the occupation of Iraq by Bush & Co.

The U.S. Has a Favorite in Afghanistan. That's a Problem.

The U.S. Has a Favorite in Afghanistan. That's a Problem. An explanation of how government in Afghanistan is holding 'elections' to install Bush & Co.'s favorite PUPPET into office and its intended impact on the American 'election'.

Needless to say, the Iraqi PUPPET has to wait until January 2005 for his inaugaration.

The hollow world of George Bush

The hollow world of George Bush Another well-written Blumenthal editorial on the deception that is Bush & Co. "Bush's campaign depends on the containment of any contrary perception of reality. He must evade, deny and suppress it. His true opponent is not his Democratic foe - called unpatriotic and the candidate of al-Qaida by the vice-president - but events."


Afghanistan Country Analysis Brief

Afghanistan Country Analysis Brief Stating that Afghanistan has been considered as a target for a pipeline '[d]ue to its location between the oil and natural gas reserves of the Caspian Basin and the Indian Ocean...'

Unocal viewed Afghanistan as the best location to host a pipeline to move oil and gas from Central Asia. The only problem for Bush & Co. is that in order for Wall Street to invest in a project, it must have a certain level of stability and manageable risk levels. Bush & Co. needed to have a stable pro-Western government in place to achieve this financial goal. Their motto is, afterall, 'leave no pipeline behind'. Coincidentally as a result of their invasion, such a government is now ready to assure the investment banking community that it can support and maintain a pipeline. The pipeline will now be a significantly more attractive investment and Bush & Co. will soon have another part of their oil web in place....

US planned attack on Taleban

US 'planned attack on Taleban' [sic] An article from a week after 9.11 exposing a pre-9.11 plan by the US to invade in October 2001. The motivation, not mentioned in this particular article, was for Bush & Co. to stabalize the country so that an oil pipeline running through the country could be maintained by Unocal.

How Putin silences the journalists who criticise his brutality in Chechnya

How Putin silences the journalists who criticise his brutality in Chechnya
As Putin seeks US approval for his brutality, rest assured the rebels will be destroyed soon after Bush's re-election.

US knew Iraq was WMD free

US knew Iraq was WMD free On the deliberate effort to blcok evidence from Iraq of its lack of WMD.

Bush's America asks: Why us?

Bush's America asks: Why us? A view into the sickness of Bush's brain...

Aljazeera.Net English - Home Page

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I was wrong to support the Iraq war

There will be no peace in Iraq until Blair talks sense

TelegraphThere will be no peace in Iraq until Blair talks sense A very well-written editorial on neoconservatives and the Big Lie about the war.

US soldier jailed for 25 years for murdering Iraqi

TelegraphUS soldier jailed for 25 years for murdering Iraqi Third soldier charged with murder in Iraq.

Note for today...

Neoconservatives, by their very nature, either distort the truth by misleading omissions and misstatements; or, alternatively, simply state that what is, isn’t. One cannot change the mind of these types; one must simply learn to identify them, and, once identified, take whatever they say, negate it, and go on with life. They live in an irrational world of their own creation, filled with the fog of their delusional thoughts, never admitting error, never knowing the truth, never to be trusted.

It's all about the "O" Word

It's all about the "O" Word Yes, oil *is* the answer to nearly all the questions...like grandfather, like father, like son...

A hierarchy of suffering

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | A hierarchy of suffering Bush as victim empowered by his victimhood to inflict pain and destruction on whomever he sees as the cause.

Political wear

FidelChe.com Very well done designs for anti-war wear.

Violence Policy Center

VPC - Bullet Hoses - Ten Key Points About What Assault Weapons Are And Why They Are So Deadly As a result of Bush's 2000 election lie that he would indeed extend the ban, the ban lapsed on September 13th.

Reporters without Borders -- Iraq

Press Freedom - War on Iraq A site dedicated to the heroic efforts of the war reporters.

DNC Video: Fortunate Son

DNC Video: Fortunate Son The poison apple does not fall far from the poison tree...

Bush asks for new funds in emergency U-turn

Bush asks for new funds in emergency U-turn Oops...Bush needs additional $25 billion to pay for additonal 47,000 troops until the end of the year... Another lie to Congress.

Exposing Bush and His "Techniques of Deceit"

Scoop: Exposing Bush and His "Techniques of Deceit" Outlining what the author sees as fourteen distinct lying techniques used by Bush.

Occupation Watch: General News

Occupation Watch:�General News A succinct summary of relevant news reports on the occupation of Iraq.

John W. Dean, III: Missing Weapons Of Mass Destruction

John W. Dean, III: Missing Weapons Of Mass Destruction Discussing the impeachable offenses of Bush regarding his intentional lies to Congress regarding WMD...