US accused of ‘torture flights’

US accused of ‘torture flights’

more evidence of the vileness, the pathetic, cruel depths of the animals: bush & co.

"An executive jet is being used by the American intelligence agencies to fly terrorist suspects to countries that routinely use torture in their prisons.

The movements of the Gulfstream 5 leased by agents from the United States defence department and the CIA are detailed in confidential logs obtained by The Sunday Times which cover more than 300 flights."

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The Only Place I am Going from here is Heaven

The Only Place I am Going from here is Heaven:

"On the mattress sat a man with a small Qur'an in one hand and a set of prayer beads in the other. Sometimes his voice would be drowned out by the sounds of explosions rocking the city.

As he finished his prayers he stood up, held his hands high and started praying: 'Oh God, you who made the prophet come out victorious in his wars against the infidels, make us come out victorious in our war against America. Oh God, defeat America and its allies everywhere. Oh God, make us worthy of your religion.' "

'We are not here to liberate Iraq, we're here to fight the infidels'

'We are not here to liberate Iraq, we're here to fight the infidels'

"'We are here for one of two things - victory or martyrdom, and both are great,' he said.

'The most important thing is our religion, not Falluja and not the occupation. If the American solders came to me and converted to Islam, I won't fight them. We are here not because we want to liberate Iraq, we are here to fight the infidels and to make victorious the name of Islam.'

He continued to explain his jihad theories: 'They call us terrorists because we resist them. If defending the truth is terrorism, then we are terrorists.'"

Taliban leader vows to retake Afghanistan

Taliban leader vows to retake Afghanistan

"Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar has accused the United States of trying to impose a puppet administration in Afghanistan and vowed to regain control of the country, a Pakistan-based Afghan news agency has reported.

A message from the leader of the Taliban movement overthrown by U.S.-led forces in late 2001 was sent to newspaper offices in the Pakistani city of Peshawar, the Afghan Islamic Press said on Friday.

The message, to mark the Muslim festival of Eid al-Fitr starting this weekend, came the day before the third anniversary of the day when U.S.-backed Afghan forces captured Kabul from the Taliban on November 13, 2001.

Omar said the Taliban remained committed to their Islamic ideals.

'There is much more brotherhood, obedience and steadfastness in the Taliban's Islamic movement than before,' he said.

'America and its puppets should know that we are determined to free and regain the sovereignty of our country.'"

Fallujah situation 'disastrous', charity says

Fallujah situation 'disastrous', charity says

as usual, bush & co. show no resemblance to anything human...filthy beasts, murdering, lying cowards...

"Civilians trapped in Fallujah face a humanitarian disaster unless Iraqi and American authorities allow food, water and medicine into the besieged city, aid agencies warned last night.

Fardous al-Ubaidi, head of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society, said her organisation had asked permission from the Iraqi government to deliver aid supplies to people in the city but the request was turned down.

'There is no water, no food, no medicine, no electricity and no fuel and when we asked for permission, we were only allowed to approach the Fallujah outskirts but had no access to Fallujah itself,' Ms al-Ubaidi said. A convoy of three ambulances and one truck carrying food accompanied by 15 volunteers will make the first attempt to enter the city today, she added."

More cases of abuse at Gitmo surface

More cases of abuse at Gitmo surface

"The military last week provided details of eight substantiated cases of abuse by personnel from prison guards to a barber. The information came nearly two months after the AP asked for details of cases described in an August report by James R. Schlesinger, who headed a U.S. congressional committee to investigate abuses in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo.

Despite the previous request, the two new cases only surfaced Thursday.

“This problem won’t be solved by dribbling out bits of information over a period of months. The U.S. government needs to stop hiding behind closed doors and create an independent commission to look into all charges of abuse,” said Jumana Musa of Amnesty International, one of four observers who came to Guantanamo to observe motions hearings ahead of military commissions, or trials."

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The newly re-elected leader of the SNP is among those supporting a bid to impeach the prime minister over the Iraq war.

American Civil Liberties Union : ACLU Says Ashcroft Statement Shows Clear Disdain For Rule of Law

American Civil Liberties Union : ACLU Says Ashcroft Statement Shows Clear Disdain For Rule of Law, Calls On Bush Administration to Denounce Controversial Remarks

"Today's comments reflect a disturbing view of the role of the courts and of Congress in providing checks and balances to the president's powers -- even in times of military conflict -- that keep him from infringing on the rights of Americans. True to form, Attorney General Ashcroft expressed disdain for anyone who dared to disagree with him, including judges.

When Mr. Ashcroft said two years ago that those who scare people with 'phantoms of lost liberty' are aiding the enemy, who knew he meant federal judges?"


Die, then vote. This is Falluja

Die, then vote. This is Falluja "So it turns out that all of the excuses were lies: if elections can be held now, they most certainly could have been held a year ago, when the country was vastly calmer. But that would have denied Washington the chance to install a puppet regime in Iraq, and possibly would have prevented George Bush from winning a second term.

Is it any wonder that Iraqis are sceptical of the version of democracy being delivered to them by US troops, or that elections have come to be seen not as tools of liberation but as weapons of war?"

Fallujah, the sequel : preparing for Butchery

Fallujah, the sequel : preparing for Butchery

"Robert Fisk, one of the few honest journalists reporting on Iraq, writes:

“The Americans have a professional army in Iraq, but it is becoming frighteningly casual about the way it kills women and children in Fallujah, simply denying that its air strikes are killing the innocent, and insists that all 120 dead in their Samarra operation are all insurgents when this cannot possibly be true. What about the latest wedding party carnage, another American “success” against terrorism? Because journalists can scarcely travel in Iraq any more, there is no longer any independent witness to this awful war. What is going on in Ramadi and Hilla and all the other cities where US forces carry out their brutal raids?”

That is a hundred percent correct. War crimes are committed on a daily basis in the name of freedom and democracy, and it is nonsense to portray the attacks as a product of terrorists alone. The resistance are not only small groups of Islamic fanatics or supporters of Saddam Hussein. What we see in Iraq is a resistance movement with a real mass basis. True, tragically enough the leadership of the movement tends to be in the hands of the Islamists, but that is only because no genuine alternative is available at the moment. The Communist Party and parts of the trade union movement are openly collaborating with the occupier. Thus, it is no wonder ordinary Iraqi people orient themselves towards the clergy, which they see as the only voice speaking against imperialism."

Ashcroft says judges threaten national security by questioning Bush decisions

Ashcroft says judges threaten national security by questioning Bush decisions

what a pathetic, evil, arrogant fuck... yes, john, the fuhrer must not be questioned in the press, in the public, and NOW in the court. shameful...

US states defy Bush over greenhouse gases

US states defy Bush over greenhouse gases:

"Individual American states are putting together a system to cap and trade greenhouse gas emissions, despite the Bush administration's opposition to the Kyoto protocol on global warming. Such a measure was backed by John Kerry during the recent election campaign.


The development will prove a major embarrassment to the Bush government, which provoked an international outcry in 2001 by pulling out of the 1997 Kyoto climate control treaty. Many believe that the Bush administration had hoped to kill off Kyoto by opposing it. However the recent decision by Russia to sign up has meant that the treaty has been saved."

The special relationship has become a national delusion

The special relationship has become a national delusion

"The members of the Bush administration are politicians whose world view has been shaped by a generation in which America has been the sole hyperpower. They intend to keep it that way. The neoconservatives who supply its ideological backbone are disarmingly frank that the explicit objective of US strategy should be not only to see off any hostile enemy, but also to prevent the emergence of a peaceful competitor. It was, therefore, no surprise to read that the neoconservatives, emboldened by re-election, intend to deploy American pressure to derail development of a closer European Union.

In their pursuit of global hegemony they have saddled America with a budget that will result in US military spending matching the entire defence budgets of all the rest of the world added together. It is an article of faith with the neoconservatives that in all conflicts America must be capable of going it alone. This does not leave much of an opening for an ally that preens itself on its special relationship."

Another Attack on Black Watch, Blair Heckled

Another Attack on Black Watch, Blair Heckled

"Black Watch soldiers came under fire again today just hours after a remembrance service was held at their base to honour the casualties already suffered in the deployment in central Iraq.

The ceremony at Camp Dogwood was held 50 yards from where one of the rockets landed yesterday.

The latest attack was aimed in the same direction and struck the centre of the base for the third time in 24 hours, but no injuries have been reported.

The news comes as pressure over the war continues to gather around Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Earlier today Mr Blair was heckled during a visit to a primary school in Hackney, east London.

As he recorded a video message in support of London’s 2012 Olympic bid in the playground of Millfields Community School, a parent shouted: “What about the children of Iraq, Mr Blair?”

Afterwards the parent, Jeremy Landor, of Hackney, whose five-year-old son attends the school, said: “We are parents of children and we are very unhappy about what is happening to children in Iraq and we imagine what it would be like if our children were being bombed day after day.

Four Black Watch soldiers have been killed in hostile action since the deployment to Camp Dogwood – three in a suicide attack and one in a suspected roadside bombing."

Humanity Bombarded in Felluce

Humanity Bombarded in Felluce

"Civilians under three days of heavy US bombardment in Felluce (Fallujah) are experiencing a human tragedy.

Tens of thousands of Iraqis are struggling with shortages in food and water supplies and can find neither burial places for their loved ones or hospital beds for their wounded. In the city of 300,000 people, only 60 civilians are said to have remained. Even though the US army tries to prevent civilian casualties when they engage in hot battles with insurgents, many have been killed and wounded in Fallujah. US fighter jets bombarded more than 40 mosques on the premise that resisters could be sheltered there. "


Democrats ready to confirm defender of torture as new US attorney general


U.S. `shooting horses to scare flies' in Iraq

U.S. `shooting horses to scare flies' in Iraq

"Sheikh Ghazi Al-Yawar, Iraq's interim president, reportedly disagreed bitterly with the decision of the U.S.-led coalition to bring Fallujah down by force. He was quoted as likening the use of armed force to ``shooting a horse to scare a fly on it.''

I understand that 500-pound bombs have been dropped on Fallujah. The news reminded me of the 500 pounders dropped from B-29s in the Pacific War. One major difference between Americans and Japanese is the latter know what it is like to be on the receiving end of an air attack.

Granted, there are not many Japanese left now who have actually experienced air raids. But there are plenty of sites where tremendous bomb blasts ripped lives apart. Even if the visual signs of devastation are no longer there, people can still imagine what happened.

The United States and others reportedly brushed aside Annan's letter as an example of meddling in someone else's affairs. But then, what do you call the American and British invasion of Iraq? It was definitely not an act of meddling by word or letter. It was an act that has resulted in the deaths of an estimated 10,000 or more Iraqi people, not to mention numerous instances of horrendous abuse."

EDITORIAL:Assault on Fallujah

EDITORIAL:Assault on Fallujah

"[C]ivilian lives will be inevitably sacrificed in this all-out assault. In fact, many Iraqis died and were injured in the spring onslaught and the air raids that followed. There is no guarantee whatsoever that once Fallujah falls it will be safe enough again for its evacuated citizens to return.


"Do the U.S. and Iraqi forces see a glimmer of hope for stability at the end of their campaign? If they don't, they are then simply repeating the same folly--Saddam was deposed, but the nation has been thrown into utter chaos."

A father's anger: 'I would kill Geoff Hoon'

A father's anger: 'I would kill Geoff Hoon'

"The father of two Black Watch soldiers serving at Camp Dogwood in Iraq threatened to kill the defence secretary, Geoff Hoon, yesterday because he was a 'two-faced lying git'.

James Buchanan, whose sons Gary, 27, and Craig, 24, both corporals, were due to return home but then redeployed north to reinforce the American assault on Falluja, said: 'This man has got me so angry. If I see him in the street I would kill him. I would kill that man. I would cut his throat.'


In their letter to the prime minister, the families said: "When enlisting, service men and women sign an oath of allegiance to Her Majesty's government.

"All these people ask in return is that their government act in an honourable, truthful and honest manner and only deploy troops into the theatre of war to risk their lives when absolutely necessary, when all avenues of diplomacy have been exhausted.

"To deploy troops based on deceit of WMD is totally morally unacceptable. The blame lies firmly at your doorstep. This was a contrived war, a war of option not of necessity."

Falluja facing humanitarian crisis

Falluja facing humanitarian crisis

"Fighting in Falluja has created a humanitarian disaster in which innocent people are dying because medical help cannot reach them, aid workers in Iraq have said.

In one case, a pregnant woman and her child died in a refugee camp west of the city after the mother unexpectedly aborted and no doctors were on hand, Firdus al-Ubadi, an official from the Iraqi Red Crescent Society, told Reuters on Wednesday.

In another case, a young boy died from a snake bite that would normally have been easily treatable, she said.

'From a humanitarian point of view it's a disaster, there's no other way to describe it. And if we don't do something about it soon, it's going to spread to other cities,' she said.


"Our first mission is to obtain permission from the multinational forces to enter the city and start evacuating the wounded, the elderly, the children and women," she explained.

The Red Crescent Society has teams of doctors and relief experts ready to go in to each of Falluja's districts with essential aid, but needs US approval first.

The US military was not immediately available to comment on the aid agency's request, but has said its first priority is to defeat the fighters in Falluja. "

Tribunals continue despite court ruling

Tribunals continue despite court ruling

more evidence that the usa is a land without any respect for the rule of law...

"Shackled in front of a three-member panel, Guantanamo detainees continued to go before military tribunals Tuesday despite a landmark ruling that could halt the proceedings and future trials.

A federal court in Washington ruled Monday that Salim Ahmed Hamdan, the 34-year-old Yemeni driver of Osama bin Laden, should not be tried by a military commission until its rules conform to the established code of military justice. It also said he is entitled to a hearing on whether he is a prisoner of war.

The U.S. government said it would seek a stay of that ruling and file an appeal. The hearings would continue until further guidance is issued, Lt. Gary Ross, a spokesman for the review tribunals, said.


Another Saudi man who attended his tribunal Tuesday told the panel he took a vacation from his job as a telephone operator at a Chamber of Commerce to work as a missionary.

The government accused him of working with the Pakistan-based Jamaat al-Tablighi, a missionary group that the United States says is used to mask the activities and travel of terrorists and al-Qaida members. The man was also accused of being an al-Qaida member and his name appeared on an al-Qaida list of people who had been captured.

He denied being a member of al-Qaida, saying he used his own money to help clean graves, feed people and “put people back on the path of righteousness.”

Although journalists are allowed to attend review hearings, they are not allowed to choose which they witness. The government says they have a limited number of escorts for the media.

Despite a Freedom of Information Act request filed by The Associated Press, the government has not provided transcripts of the prisoners’ testimonies for sessions journalists cannot attend.

The prisoners who go before the tribunals are only allowed to be present for the unclassified portions of evidence read.

Robertson’s ruling also said Hamdan — and potentially all other prisoners — have the right to confront evidence and witnesses. "

Gonzales Record on Abu Ghraib, Detention Policies, among Top Questions for Senate to Examine if He Is Nominated for Atty

Gonzales Record on Abu Ghraib, Detention Policies, among Top Questions for Senate to Examine if He Is Nominated for Atty General Job

“Alberto Gonzales’s role in the development of policies that ultimately led to the Abu Ghraib prison scandals in Iraq is deeply troubling. Few images have done more to scar our nation’s image at home and abroad than the terrible pictures of prisoners being abused in Iraq. Further, there are many questions that must still be answered regarding the rights and treatment of detainees at Guantanamo Bay and elsewhere. We expect Senators to question him closely on these matters.

“An even more fundamental question is whether Mr. Gonzales will continue the damaging course set by John Ashcroft at the Justice Department. John Ashcroft’s tenure was marked by a severe erosion of Americans’ civil liberties and a diminished commitment to civil rights enforcement. Would an Attorney General Gonzales continue policies that restrict Americans’ constitutional protections? Would he undermine voting rights by supporting recent Justice Department actions to restrict Americans from turning to the courts to enforce the Help America Vote Act?

“Senators should explore Mr. Gonzales’ support for the excesses of the PATRIOT Act, parts of which come up for renewal in 2005, as well as his central role in the administration’s efforts to pack the federal judiciary with far-right ideologues. Senators should also examine his role in White House actions promoting excessive secrecy, interfering with constitutional checks and balances and demonstrating contempt for Congress’ oversight role, threatening affirmative action, and restricting workers’ rights by executive order."

U.S. Envoy Put Heat on Halliburton for Kuwaiti Fuel

U.S. Envoy Put Heat on Halliburton for Kuwaiti Fuel

"A draft Pentagon audit at the end of last year found evidence KBR might have overcharged by at least $61 million for bringing in fuel under its no-bid U.S. Army Corps of Engineers contract.

According to the documents, on Dec. 2, 2003, Richard Jones, the U.S. ambassador to Kuwait, sent an e-mail directing unidentified officials: "Tell KBR to get off their butts and conclude deals with Kuwait NOW! Tell them we want a deal done with Altanmia within 24 hours and don't take any excuses."

The e-mail added: "If Amb. Bremer hears that KBR is still dragging its feet, he will be livid," referring to the U.S. civilian administrator of Iraq, Paul Bremer.

The State Department did not immediately respond to questions about the documents and the department's Inspector General's office said it could not comment on them.


One e-mail about an Aug. 4, 2003, meeting between U.S. Embassy officials in Kuwait and Altanmia, reported the Kuwaiti company's claim that coalition and KBR officers 'are on the take; that they solicit bribes openly; that anyone visiting their seaside villas at the Kuwaiti Hilton who offers to provide services will be asked for a bribe.'"

PM defends Fallujah operation

ePolitix.com - PM defends Fallujah operation

"'Given that we know that leading Iraqi insurgents have in many cases already left Fallujah and that violence is flaring across the country, would the prime minister be prepared to authorise again the redeployment of British troops elsewhere in Iraq in support of other American lead military operations?' he asked.

Blair replied that it is 'not sensible for me to speculate'."

what bullshit, tony... come to washington and bend over, again...

Mosques bombed as fighting rages in Falluja

Mosques bombed as fighting rages in Falluja

"Almost half of the mosques in the Iraqi town of Falluja have been destroyed, with US warplanes launching air strikes and fierce fighting on the ground continuing.

An Iraqi journalist told Aljazeera that US forces on Wednesday resumed attacks on the city, targeting Julan in the north-west to al-Jughaivi in the north-east.

Fadil al-Badrani said there are an estimated 120 mosques in the city."

Rebels stage Fallujah fightback

Rebels stage Fallujah fightback

Fresh fighting erupted today in areas of Fallujah declared "cleared" by US forces.

After battling to the centre of the city yesterday, American commanders had thought they controlled at least its northern third - with rebel fighters fleeing to southern districts to regroup.

But at first light intense machinegun, mortar and rocket exchanges opened up in the north-western district of Jolan.

US Troops Reportedly Gassing Fallujah

US Troops Reportedly Gassing Fallujah

"US troops are reportedly using chemical weapons and poisonous gas in its large-scale offensive on the Iraqi resistance bastion of Fallujah, a grim reminder of Saddam Hussein’s alleged gassing of the Kurds in 1988.

“The US occupation troops are gassing resistance fighters and confronting them with internationally-banned chemical weapons,” resistance sources told Al-Quds Press Wednesday, November 10.

The fatal weapons led to the deaths of tens of innocent civilians, whose bodies litter sidewalks and streets, they added.

“They use chemical weapons out of despair and helplessness in the face of the steadfast and fierce resistance put up by Fallujah people, who drove US troops out of several districts, hoisting proudly Iraqi flags on them. Resistance has also managed to destroy and set fire to a large number of US tanks and vehicles."

Satan hides in a hospital

Satan hides in a hospital

"Everything one needed to know about the true, unspinnable foreign policy of the second George W Bush administration is represented by the 'capture' of the first strategic target in the assault on Fallujah: the general hospital, on the left bank of the Euphrates, now totally cut off from the city. According to the Bush administration world view, this is the house where Satan lives.

Bush-installed interim Iraqi Prime Minster Iyad Allawi announced with a smile of victory that he personally ordered the capture of the hospital. So maybe it was not the Pentagon: it was an unelected politician asking a foreign occupation army to attack a hospital in his own country and preventing doctors and ambulances from entering a city under siege."

Kidnappers give Allawi 48 hours to halt assault on Fallujah

Kidnappers give Allawi 48 hours to halt assault on Fallujah

"A militant group kidnapping three family members of Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi threatened on Wednesday to kill them if Allawi doesn't order a withdrawal from the besieged Fallujah"


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Pakistani army in new border offensive

Aljazeera.Net - Pakistani army in new border offensive

what a coincidence!

"The offensive was launched as US Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage was in Islamabad for talks with President Pervez Musharraf and other officials on a range of issues, including the US-led 'war on terror'.

Pakistan says several hundred foreign fighters, including Uzbeks, Chechens and Arabs, supported by Pakistani tribal allies, are operating in South Waziristan, and has vowed to remove them."

Medicines and food scarce for trapped civilians

Medicines and food scarce for trapped civilians

"'The Americans have entered areas right in the centre of town and there they fought with the mujahideen,' said the man, who spoke from al-Joulan neighbourhood, an insurgent strongpoint in the north-west. 'There are a lot of people dead who I saw with my own eyes.'

Another resident, Fadril al-Badrani, a correspondent for Reuters and the BBC, said the artillery and bombing had been intense.

'Every minute, hundreds of bombs and shells are exploding,' he said. 'The north of the city is in flames. I can also see fire and smoke. Falluja has become like hell.'"

Falluja's defiance of a new empire

Falluja's defiance of a new empire

"George Bush and Tony Blair have apparently concluded that they can crush the Iraqi people's will to resist occupation and legitimise a puppet regime next January by occupying Falluja.


Blair once again misled parliament this week by branding the resistance in Falluja as Zarqawi-style terrorists out to destroy the prospects for democracy. It was he and Bush who last year rejected the calls for early free and fair elections from those who rejected the occupation, including Ayatollah Sistani, Moqtada al-Sadr, the resistance and the widely supported Iraqi National Foundation Congress. Bush and Blair are terrified of the Iraqi people voting for anti-occupation leaders. They will accept nothing short of the legitimisation, through sham elections supervised by the occupation authorities, of an Allawi-style puppet regime.

More than 100,000 Iraqis are estimated to have been been killed since the US-led invasion; the country's infrastructure has all but been destroyed; people are exposed to the danger of US and British depleted-uranium shells; hospitals have been reduced to impotence in the face of mounting injuries and disease; the centre of Najaf and entire neighbourhoods of several cities have been razed. How much more should the Iraqi people be subjected to for Bush and Blair to have their 'democratically' chosen puppets installed in Baghdad?

These are war crimes of Saddamist proportions, and there is evidently more to come. Bush's latest pronouncements and Blair's declaration of a 'second war' have made clear that the occupation governments are ready to kill (as 'collateral damage', no doubt) even more Iraqis to enforce a pro-US order. Without a shred of evidence, Bush, Blair and Ayad Allawi's quisling regime shamelessly declare that they are only pursuing the Jordanian kidnapper Zarqawi and other 'foreign terrorists'. The people of Falluja, their leaders, negotiators and resistance fighters have always denounced Zarqawi and argued that such gangs have been encouraged to undermine the resistance."

Letter from Dr. Bob Jones III

Letter from Dr. Bob Jones III

WARNING: this link is to a vile religious extremist site located in jesusland...

"Don't equivocate. Put your agenda on the front burner and let it boil. You owe the liberals nothing. They despise you because they despise your Christ. Honor the Lord, and He will honor you."

Editorial: Emergency in Iraq

Editorial: Emergency in Iraq

"Anxious not to harm President George W. Bush’s re-election hopes, the Iraqi interim government shied away from taking a decision that should have come last summer before the insurgency reached its current level of intensity. Interim Prime Minister Iyad Al-Allawi was also anxious not to appear as just another brutal Middle Eastern ruler, this time without a mustache."

'I got my kills ... I just love my job'

'I got my kills ... I just love my job':


"'I got myself a real juicy target,' shouted Sgt James Anyett, peering through the thermal sight of a Long Range Acquisition System (LRAS) mounted on one of Phantom's Humvees.

'Prepare to copy that 89089226. Direction 202 degrees. Range 950 metres. I got five motherfuckers in a building with weapons.'

Capt Kirk Mayfield, commander of the Phantoms, called for fire from his task force's mortar team. But Sgt Anyett didn't want to wait. 'Dude, give me the sniper rifle. I can take them out - I'm from Alabama.'

Two minutes tick by. 'They're moving deep,' shouted Sgt Anyett with disappointment. A dozen loud booms rattle the sky and smoke rose as mortars rained down on the co-ordinates the sergeant had given.

'Yeah,' he yelled. 'Battle Damage Assessment - nothing. Building's gone. I got my kills, I'm coming down. I just love my job.'"

The real fury of Fallujah

The real fury of Fallujah

"Fallujah as the road to civil war

What will be achieved by turning Fallujah into Grozny? Absolutely nothing positive for the US. History shows that a people fighting a war of national liberation is never easily intimidated. The resistance will melt away and regroup. Top Sunni clerics all over the Sunni triangle and beyond have reminded Iraqis - as if they needed any reminding - that they should help the guerrillas to escape. On the jihadi front, the Abu Hafs al-Masri Brigades, the group linked to al-Qaeda which has claimed responsibility for the Madrid bombing, has already threatened the US with 'unbearable hell' - and did not forget to hold the American electorate responsible for condoning Bush's Phantom Fury-style strategies.

Mohamed Bashar Faidhi, a member of the Sunni Association of Muslim Clerics, promised the powerful association would boycott the January election if Fallujah was attacked. The association - as well as the majority of Iraqis - knows that 'Saddam without a moustache' Allawi is alive and in power only because of 137,000 US troops.

On Tuesday, a major Sunni Muslim political party, the Iraqi Islamic party (Hizbul Islami al-Iraqi), quit the interim government and withdrew its single minister from the cabinet in protest against the assault on Fallujah. The Iraqi Islamic party is the Iraqi branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, a Sunni Islamic party well established in the Middle East"

'Scores of civilians' killed in Falluja

'Scores of civilians' killed in Falluja

"Many families fled the city of 300,000 long before the offensive began. An official from a Sunni Muslim group with links to some fighters in Falluja said on Monday only about 60,000 people remained.

Residents say they have no power and are using kerosene lamps at night. They say they keep to ground floors for safety. Food shops have been closed for six days.

Residents say there is no power
and food supplies are running low
'My kids are hysterical with fear,' said Farhan Salih. 'They are traumatised by the sound but there is nowhere to take them.'

US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said on Monday he did not foresee large numbers of civilian casualties in the assault, saying US forces were disciplined and precise.

Those words were of little comfort to the Abbud family, sitting in a house damaged by the bomb that killed their child.

'We just bandaged his stomach and gave him water, but he was losing a lot of blood. He died this afternoon,' said Abbud."

So We Win Fallujah. Then What? - The big question is what comes after.

So We Win Fallujah. Then What? - The big question is what comes after

this from a mainstream usa site, msnbc.com.

"The first American power play was seizing Fallujah’s main hospital. TV screens, newspapers and websites around the world showed doctors and patients handcuffed to the floor. We can be absolutely sure that there will be no casualties brought to this hospital in the days to come. Reporters and independents news media often consult hospital personnel for independent accounts of casualties and in particular doctors are often quoted as an independent sources. With the main hospital now “disabled” and both bridges closed that lead to the other two hospitals, there will be no gruesome photographs of innocent civilians to trouble the collective international conscience, if one still exists. In other words, as far as the viewing public is concerned, the impending massacre will not exist.

It is no coincidence that the offensive was launched shortly after our own presidential election. Given President George W. Bush's rosy campaign rhetoric about freedom on the march and Vice President Dick Cheney's assurances that things in Iraq were going "surprisingly well," a sudden escalation of the war—especially if heavy casualties, American ones, ensued—might have dimmed their prospects at the polls.


Bush probably intends the offensive to serve as a final showdown for the insurgents, but, regardless of the immediate outcome (and I write this with no pleasure whatever), it might be a final showdown for us instead."

The First Order Of US Business In Fallujah: Propaganda

The First Order Of US Business In Fallujah: Propaganda

"The first American power play was seizing Fallujah’s main hospital. TV screens, newspapers and websites around the world showed doctors and patients handcuffed to the floor. We can be absolutely sure that there will be no casualties brought to this hospital in the days to come. Reporters and independents news media often consult hospital personnel for independent accounts of casualties and in particular doctors are often quoted as an independent sources. With the main hospital now “disabled” and both bridges closed that lead to the other two hospitals, there will be no gruesome photographs of innocent civilians to trouble the collective international conscience, if one still exists. In other words, as far as the viewing public is concerned, the impending massacre will not exist.


Every Iraqi death is another cut in an already open wound, not just in Fallujah but throughout the entire country of Iraq. Mujahideen in the country are now waging over 100 attacks a day and if the US persists in its overt murder of Iraqis, the entire country will erupt. The result will be a drawn out war that drains US lives, resources and greenbacks."


Marines prepare for heavy casualties in battle to retake Fallujah

Marines prepare for heavy casualties in battle to retake Fallujah

"The number of dead and wounded from the expected battle to retake insurgent-controlled Fallujah probably will reach levels not seen since Vietnam, a senior surgeon at the Marine camp outside Fallujah said Thursday."

Iraqi troops condemned, threatened for fighting; at least 200 desert

Iraqi troops condemned, threatened for fighting; at least 200 desert

"Those who kill Iraqis are not Iraqis," said Sheik Mohammed Bashar al Faidhi of the scholars' association. "We told them: You made a terrible mistake in Najaf. Be careful not to repeat this experience because the occupier will leave one day, but the people will stay."

Government Suffers Setback in Guantanamo Trials

Government Suffers Setback in Guantanamo Trials

this is great news!

"The sweeping ruling affects all of the nearly 500 prisoners at Guantanamo Bay because Robertson ruled that the administrative hearings - called 'combatant status review tribunals' - that the Pentagon crafted to decide whether each inmate was an 'enemy combatant' fail to pass muster under international law.

Until the preliminary hearings conform to the international Geneva Convention, Robertson ruled, the ongoing military commission hearings that try selected inmates for crimes of war are invalid.

Until such hearings determine otherwise, Robertson ruled, detainees like Hamdan must be considered prisoners of war and accorded all the rights granted them under the Geneva Convention."

See, I told you so

See, I told you so

warning: the following is from an ENEMY catholic/fascist/neoconservative/fanatic web-site, but is good to see how these beasts think of themselves...

"For all these years I've told you: the future of the Republican coalition lies with Evangelical Christians. Only a tiny part of them -- just a quarter -- normally vote: this means that, more than any other group in America, with sufficient motivation, they could flood the electoral process and utterly reshape America. If Christians voted according to their numbers, the left could never win another national election, the Congress would be overwhelmingly conservative, the radical social agenda would be crushed, and a better, freer America would quickly emerge."

Saudi call for jihad

Saudi call for jihad

bush & co. making friends all over the world...

"A group of Saudi religious scholars have signed an open letter urging Iraqis to support jihad against US-led forces.

'Fighting the occupiers is a duty for all those who are able,' they said in a statement posted on the internet at the weekend. 'Resistance is a legitimate right. A Muslim must not inflict harm on any resistance man or inform about them. Instead, they should be supported and protected.'

The 26 signatories - some of whom have been in trouble with the authorities - made their appeal to Iraqis only and stopped short of calling on Muslims outside Iraq to join the struggle.

They also said Iraqis should not target people from countries whose governments have not taken part in the war.

'At no time in history has a whole people been violated ... by propaganda that has been proved false,' Sheikh Awad al-Qarni, one of the scholars, told al-Arabiya TV. Other signatories included Safar al-Hawali, Nasser al-Omar, Salman al-Awdah and Sharif Hatem al-Aouni."

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No carrots, all stick in Iraq

No carrots, all stick in Iraq

"An attack on Fallujah, say most analysts, will act as a catalyst, uniting disparate resistance groups throughout Iraq. It is also expected to increase resentment among Iraqis and swell insurgent ranks. It's worth remembering that the siege of Fallujah in April was the tipping point when insurgents - hitherto seen by most Sunni Arabs as imbued with Islamic fundamentalism - gained popularity. Fellow Sunnis, witnessing the carnage the Americans had caused in the besieged city, shed their fear of religious fanaticism and embraced the resistance fighters and their cause. It also gained the Sunni insurgents sympathy in a section of the Shi'ite community that put nationalism above sectarian affiliations. This time radical Shi'ite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr has already expressed solidarity with the insurgents in Fallujah with whom he shares the aim of establishing an Islamic republic in Iraq. "

Fanning the flames of resistance

Fanning the flames of resistance

"Foreign infiltration into the country is also continuing across largely unguarded borders, notably from Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, Jordan and Kuwait. 'There is news that the majority of the civilian population of Fallujah has been forced to leave. This obviously affects Iraq's neighbors,' commented a leading Pakistani strategic expert, retired Major-General Ghulam Umar.

Although the troubles in Iraq have only drawn a cautious official response from Muslim countries, including the Arab League asking the US not to invade Fallujah, a far deeper impact has been made on Muslim masses across the globe, where increasingly they are becoming motivated to take up arms in support of the Iraqi resistance. The Koran through its teachings supports Muslims helping people in a state of siege or intense oppression, regardless of religion.

Asia Times Online has learned from sources in Saudi Arabia that as many as 10,000 Saudi youths might be in or going to Iraq. And with the strong presence of organizations such as Hezbollah, Hamas and the Islamic Jihad in such countries as Syria and Jordan, it can be safely estimated that jihadis from these countries are also flooding into Iraq, or are preparing to do so.

At the same time, the US has consistently reaffirmed its determination to flush out the resistance once and for all, making intensified clashes inevitable, including possibly across Iraq's borders. The hardline US approach has served to bring the many Arab tribes in Iraq together. Iraqi President Ghazi al-Yawar, who is himself a tribal chief from the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, is a fierce critic of the Fallujah operation. "

All the makings of a war crime

All the makings of a war crime

"What I believe is then likely to be done to Falluja will be a war crime and crime against humanity, morally indefensible by any civilised standard or for that matter, by the Statute of the International Criminal Court (to which, conveniently, neither the US nor Iraqi Government adheres).

This will be no neat, surgical strike. To get the measure of this, think of the Warsaw rising in 1944, or the Russian Army's destruction of the Chechen capital, Grozny. In 1999 this already battered city (of originally 400,000 people) was finally destroyed by massive Russian bombardment. Today, insurgents still fight it out with Russian troops among the ruins.

Eighteen months ago, before the US-led invasion of Iraq, Falluja was a living city of 300,000 people. Now - depopulated of most of its civilians by intimidation and fear - what is left looks like it is about to be blasted out of existence, simply as a demonstration of overwhelming US power in Iraq.

Of course, the US Army has been for weeks 'humanely' encouraging women and children to leave the encircled city through checkpoints while there is still time to save their lives.

The Russians did the same before and during the destruction of Grozny. In a few days, as the battle and the flight of civilians expands, there may be tens of thousands of new refugees in tent cities, and tens of thousands of women left without husbands, and children left without fathers.

If this attack goes ahead as appears inevitable, it will obviously breach the laws of war and the Geneva conventions. First, it will grossly exceed proportionality in terms of ends and means. What intended political or military objective could justify so much death, the creation of so many new refugees, and wholesale destruction of homes?

What threat does the city of Falluja pose to the Iraqi state at this point? Allawi has claimed that free elections cannot take place unless Falluja is subdued. What a spurious argument.

The truth is that this city, which has become a symbol of Sunni-Iraqi political resistance to the occupiers, is to be made an example of, to deter others. The message the siege of Falluja sends is brutally simple: resist us and we will destroy you. It is the same message that the Wehrmacht sent in Warsaw in 1944, and the Russian Army in Grozny in 1999.

This attack will also violate the rules of war and the Geneva conventions in having grossly indiscriminate effects on civilians and civilian homes and infrastructure. America's largely untrained in battle but over-armed forces will start their attack 'humanely', but as they inevitably take numbers of lethal casualties, their tactics will quickly escalate to indiscriminate bombing and shelling of the city using their WMD armouries.

Eventually, the attackers will flatten the city and kill everyone that still resists in it. Falluja will be the Iraqi people's Masada, and it will sow seeds of deep anti-Western hatred in the Middle East for decades to come.

The UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, understands all this, in pleading for a negotiated solution. And as usual, Washington is summarily ignoring his pleas."

Bush victory starts rush to leave US for 'safer' life abroad

Screams will not be heard

Screams will not be heard

"Assaults on cities serve symbolic purposes: they are set showpieces to demonstrate resolve and inculcate fear. To that end, large numbers of casualties are required: they are not an accidental byproduct but the aim. That was the thinking behind 9/11, and Falluja risks becoming a horrible mirror-image of that atrocity. Only by the shores of that dusty lake in Dreamland would it be possible to believe that the ruination of this city will do anything to enhance the legitimacy of the US occupation and of the Iraqi government it appointed."

Blair has departed from the rule of law, says his former adviser

Blair has departed from the rule of law, says his former adviser:

"'I believe that in Britain we allowed our judgement of the direct consequences of inaction to override our judgement of the even more dire consequences of departing from the rule of law,' he said."

Black Watch pays price for backing Fallujah offensive

Black Watch pays price for backing Fallujah offensive:

Tony Blair faced calls from Labour MPs last night to pull British troops out of Iraq's notorious "Triangle of Death" after another Black Watch soldier was killed and two more were injured.


"The former defence minister Peter Kilfoyle accused Mr Blair of allowing Britain to be dragged into an unwinnable war. 'It is a throwback to the misjudgements of the Vietnam war,' he said.

Iran Says Will Retaliate if Nuclear Plants Hit

Iran Says Will Retaliate if Nuclear Plants Hit

i still think bush & co. will invade iran, but, syria first...

"Iran threatened on Monday to strike back at Israel or any other country that attacked its nuclear facilities.

U.S. and Israeli officials accuse Iran of seeking to develop atomic bombs under cover of a civilian nuclear program. Iran denies the charges saying it only intends to produce electricity from nuclear power plants.

'If Israel or any other country attacks any site in Iran, we know no limits to threaten their interests,' Deputy Revolutionary Guards Commander Mohammad-Baqer Zolqadr said.

'That means anywhere in the world, within their borders or outside it,' he told reporters on Monday on the sidelines of an anti-U.S. conference in Tehran"


Kerry, How Dare You!

Kerry, How Dare You!

"Kerry continued his lecture. As Americans, he said, his supporters have an 'obligation. We are required now to work together for the good of our country. In the days ahead, we must find common cause, we must join in the common effort, without remorse or recrimination, without anger or rancor.'

Hell no!

Common cause with George W. Bush?

Common cause with Dick Cheney?

Common cause with Karl Rove?

Common cause with Donald Rumsfeld?

Common cause with Paul Wolfowitz?

Common cause with John Ashcroft?

We have nothing in common with them. Their cause is not our cause.

For the good of the country, we must resist them.

Kerry said, 'We must stand together and succeed in Iraq.'

No way!

We will resist this war in Iraq with every nonviolent bone in our bodies.

So don't talk to us about the need 'to bridge the partisan divide.'

We don't want to bridge it.

And don't be na�ve. Neither does Bush.

We lost, this time. But we refuse to lay down our principles and sleep with snakes.

Instead, we will regroup and live to fight another day, and one of these days we will win, not by making common cause with reactionary Republicans, but by convincing a majority of Americans that ours is a better way.

How dare you demand that we join up with Bush!

How dare you demand that we support his war in Iraq!"

IQ and Politics

'Falluja is happening and the Black Watch is part of it'

'Falluja is happening and the Black Watch is part of it'

"The Ministry of Defence refused to comment yesterday on emails sent by Lt Col James Cowan, commanding officer of the Black Watch. He was quoted last week as saying the regiment expected to come under heavy assault, adding: 'I hope the government knows what it has got itself into. I'm not sure they fully appreciate the risks.' "

in other words, 'get the body bags, tony...'

U.S. Government contracting issues in Iraq

Dollar expected to fall amid China's rumoured selling

Dollar expected to fall amid China's rumoured selling

"The dollar could slide still further, in spite of hitting an all-time low against the euro last week in the wake of George W. Bush's re-election, currency traders have said.

The dollar sell-off has resumed amid fears among traders that Mr Bush's victory will bring four more years of widening US budget and current account deficits, heightened geopolitical risks and a policy of 'benign neglect' of the dollar."

US strikes raze Falluja hospital

US strikes raze Falluja hospital

truly disgusting...

"A hospital has been razed to the ground in one of the heaviest US air raids in the Iraqi city of Falluja.

Witnesses said only the facade remained of the small Nazzal Emergency Hospital in the centre of the city. There are no reports on casualties.

A nearby medical supplies storeroom and dozens of houses were damaged as US forces continued preparing the ground for an expected major assault."

Iraq Declares Martial Law Amid Surge of Violence

Iraq Declares Martial Law Amid Surge of Violence

"'At this point the government can't even protect itself,' Faidhi said. 'How can it impose a state of emergency? Allawi, when he travels, half of the American army accompanies him!'"

Unmatched Security Planned for Inaugural

Unmatched Security Planned for Inaugural

ah, the sweet smell of democracy....

"An unprecedented level of security will frame President Bush's second inauguration, with officials planning to use thousands of police from across the country, new screening technology for inaugural guests and a military contingent that could include a combat brigade of up to 4,000 troops."

Bush, America and the Middle East

ei: Bush, America and the Middle East

"...the millions of Americans who oppose the war in Iraq and see that Bush's policies bring more danger to their country have to confront the reality that electoral politics failed abjectly to provide a vehicle to advance their interests. The Democratic Party must now enter a long period of self-examination. It must emerge as a genuine alternative to the Republicans or face irrelevance. But the world cannot afford to wait for that. Bush's victory presents the opportunity and urgent necessity for Americans to join people all over the world in building a powerful, grassroots peace movement to end the war in Iraq and prevent further 'success stories."

Diebold in the News - Diebold Executive to Keep Lower Profile

Diebold in the News - Diebold Executive to Keep Lower Profile

"An Ohio voting-machine executive pummeled with national criticism for his close ties to the Bush re-election campaign said yesterday he wants to make amends.

Walden O'Dell, chief executive of North Canton-based Diebold Inc., confirmed in an interview with Plain Dealer editors that he has been a top fund-raiser for the Republican president, but said he intends to lower his political profile and 'try to be more sensitive' in light of the national criticism he has faced.

'I'm not doing anything wrong or complicated, but it obviously did leave me open to the criticism I've received,' he said.

'I've taken it personally; it's very painful, it may have injured our company, and I feel really badly about that.'

In an invitation to a Republican fund-raiser at his suburban Columbus mansion, O'Dell said he was 'committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes for the president next year.'"