Pentagon documents detail despair at Guantanamo before suicides

JURIST - Paper Chase: Pentagon documents detail despair at Guantanamo before suicides:

Newly released Pentagon documents provide evidence of 'desperate and immoral conditions' at the US detention center at Guantanamo Bay prior to the three suicides there earlier this month, according to ACLU Executive Director Anthony Romero. The American Civil Liberties Union on Monday released over 1000 pages of documents obtained from the military last week through a Freedom of Information Act request, which detail operations at Guantanamo. The documents include a 2003 medical report conducted after a suicide try, saying the detainee was in a 'vegetative state' after an attempted hanging, and noting that he had a history of depression and should be returned to his home state. Other documents indicated that one detainee wrote his will, implying that death entered his thoughts frequently. The documents also include a report [PDF text] written by Brigadier General Richard Formica on detainee treatment by Special Operations units in Iraq finding unauthorized interrogation methods and a report on detainee treatment in Afghanistan, as well as several court martial records."


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