We Have Arrived At The Gates Of Human Hell

JUS One News - We Have Arrived At The Gates Of Human Hell:

An analysis of the problems facing our world reveals that these problems have very easy solutions: why they are not tried is because of monopoly of power and wealth at the command of vested interests. This does not mean the alternatives both as solution and voice, do not exist. Rather, it means that the alternatives are choked to death before being tried, because the few that dominate the existing system have too much to lose, even as the very existence of humanity is at stake, about which they do not care.

Suppose you see someone raping your family, holding you at bay upon gunpoint, and you see a pattern of such rape going on in the community you live in. Even if you do not have power to stop it at the current time, will you not raise awareness and try your best to stop it? The first step is recognizing it for what it is, if you give up on the first step, throw your arms up in the air and say, 'I have a fork and a knife, they have ak47s, what the hell can I do?'; then chances are that the 1001 forks and knives in the neighborhood will never become aware that collectively their power is greater than the ak47s wielded by these criminals. Now more than ever, the stakes are too high: can you put a price on all the lives that have been lost due to want, the millions that have been denied the opportunity to grow up due to high infant mortality, the billions that go without an education, the hundreds of millions whose life expectancy is almost half that of the wealthy among the Americans, in other words the Americans get to live two whole lifetimes compared to their one? These 'costs' are much higher than any benefit of default we get in the capitalist marketplace. Are they not?


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