America backing Zionist war-crimes


Hojjatoleslam Sayed Ahmad Khatami, a leading Iranian figure, thanked the Iranian people for their massive rallies Friday in support of the Palestinian people.

Khatami called America the main supporter of the Zionist regime and urged Muslim countries to support Palestine.

'No doubt, the series of crimes in Palestine are all led by America and Israel could not embark on such killings of young and old people without receiving green light from America,' member of the Experts Assembly, which is assigned by the Iranian Constitution to choose leader, told a huge crowd of people after massive rallies in Tehran in support of Palestine.

We consider Europe as the America's accomplice n these crimes,' he added.

'What was the philosophy of establishing the human rights body? Today, human rights are blatantly violated and the international bodies are only watching,' Khatami lamented.


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