American-Israeli Barbarism

Dar Al Hayat:

America has supplied Israel with fuel for its military aircraft to the value of $ 210 million immediately after the Israeli air force destroyed Beirut International Airport. It then provided it with high-explosive bombs to pound buildings, bridges, roads and infrastructure, including telephone and TV transmission stations. The reason is not difficult to fathom. The US, along with Israel and a number of its allies, prepared for this fierce military campaign in Palestine and Lebanon to create a so-called New Middle East where it is assumed that no one would dare to go against the will of the Zionists and the Americans. Moreover, the fuel and bombs are a very small part of the latest munitions the US has stored in Israel and has placed at the disposal of the Israeli army.

Once again, we see the double standards of the West. Resolution 242 demanding Israel's withdrawal from the Arab territories it occupied in 1967 and passed unanimously by the Security Council has not been applied to date. But the resolutions primarily directed against Arab interests must immediately be put into effect. Even the Road Map, which was basically US sponsored and supposed to lead to the establishment of a Palestinian State has been impaired by Israel's too many conditions, and can no longer be applied.

Again, with America's barbaric conduct in three wars waged simultaneously on Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon, we see and hear angry condemnations by people with conscience in various parts of the world, but the American-Israeli arrogance goes on.

In her lightning visit to Beirut, the US Secretary of State turned into a messenger, relaying Israel's conditions for ending the war, conditions that the Speaker of the Lebanese parliament rejected. Ahead of her tour in the region and during it, Rice repeated the talk of 'a new Middle East'. What she did not say was that the Arabs would be completely subjected to Israel and this was likely to happen.


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