Blood on Our Hands

Blood on Our Hands:

In case you are just back from a long weekend without your laptop: The central morgue in Baghdad said Tuesday that it had received 1,595 bodies last month, 16% more than in May and nearly double the total of the same period last year. The New York Times reports Wednesday that Baghdad 'has slowly descended into a low-grade civil war in some neighborhoods, with Sunni and Shiite militias carrying out systematic sectarian killings that clear whole city blocks.' Even upper-class areas are now getting hit.

On Tuesday, gunmen dressed in army and police uniforms seized a top government minister and 19 of his bodyguards in Talbiya, in northern Baghdad. The Times added: 'After Mr. Zarqawi was killed on June 7 in an American airstrike, a security plan was put into effect, with thousands of troops operating new checkpoints throughout the city, but it has had little effect....

'The morgue stank of bodies. Visitors burned paper and wood in the parking lot to mask the smell. The reception area was full with 40 Iraqis, mostly women, standing and sitting on the ground, waiting to look at bodies and photographs of bodies.'

So how did President Bush respond to all this on July 4? By posing with fighting men, enjoying the rockets' red glare, and promising not to pull out of Iraq. But as Leonard Cohen once observed: 'A scheme is not vision.'


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