Bush War-Crimes in Somalia

Top News | Reuters.co.za:

The hardline leader of newly powerful Islamists said all of Somalia must be ruled by sharia law and U.S. President George W. Bush should be prosecuted for bankrolling defeated secular warlords.

'There is no Muslim nation that is safe from his (Bush's) oppression. He should stop his wrong leadership,' Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys, told Reuters by telephone from his rural base. 'He used the warlords to kill people. If it's possible for him to be charged, he deserves to be brought to justice,' Aweys, an army colonel turned cleric, said.

'It's compulsory to rule Somalia by sharia law,' added Aweys, military mastermind of a campaign that has given the Islamists control of Mogadishu and a large part of the country. The Islamists say U.S. officials supplied suitcases full of cash to warlords grouped in a self-styled anti-terror coalition, an accusation widely believed by analysts, regional diplomats and people in Mogadishu.


'The American views cannot be trusted. Whatever they say is mostly lies, nobody can take their word anymore.'"


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