A Call to All and Every Arab

Dar Al Hayat:

I hereby declare that I am withdrawing my recognition of Israel.

It is not a state. It is a criminal enterprise, more dangerous than any known mafia. A mafia family may bribe one judge. Israel has bought the whole (American) system, which has installed itself as judge to the world.

Israel is not the only democracy in the Middle East, as it is touted. It is institutionalized state terrorism. Figures don't lie and they tell us that Israel killed five times more Palestinian civilians than it lost since 29/09/2001. And in the latest outbreak of fighting with Hizbullah it has killed ten times more Lebanese civilians than it has lost, a Nazi ratio. There is terrorism on both sides, but the numbers show us that Israel is five times more terrorists than all the Palestinian and Lebanese groups put together. Any person who rejects the so-called 'moral equivalency' is a neo-Nazi terrorist.


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