Clan chiefs want U.S. rape suspect of "Mahmoudeya virgin" handed over

Diwaniya-Rape :: Aswat al Iraq :: Aswat al Iraq:

Notables and clan chiefs in the Iraqi city of Diwaniya demanded that the U.S. soldier charged with raping an Iraqi girl and killing her along with her family be handed over and threatened action if their demand was not met.

One clan head said failure to hand over the soldier to stand trial in Iraq could lead to armed resistance. A statement issued following a meeting on Wednesday called on the Iraqi government to take firm stand against violations by U.S. forces in Mahmoudeya and Saqlawiya, threatening to 'resurrect the glory of forefathers.'

The chiefs met at the house of Hamad al-Hammoud, head of the Khazael clans to mark a 1920 revolt against British occupation. '(The clans) will take a stand that resurrects the history of forefathers if the U.S. government does not hand over this criminal and his comrades who were involved in the crime of raping 'the virgin of Mahmoudeya', said the statement obtained by the independent news agency Voices of Iraq (VOI).

It said the heads of clans were waiting for 'the government's response to the crime that has shocked all Iraqis as soon as possible.' They threatened to start 'the spark of resistance from the south… like the 1920 revolt if this soldier and those involved with him are not handed over.' They urged the United Nations and its tribunals to pressure the United States to hand the soldier over immediately.


'Failure to hand over Green to the Iraqi judiciary will escalate the crisis, maybe in the form of armed resistance,' the head of Jabbour clans, Takleef Abed Ali al-Danah, told VOI.


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