It's the Occupation, Stupid!!!

Aljazeera.Net - Iraqi armed groups reject Maliki plan:

Ibrahim al-Shammari, spokesman for the al-Jaish al-Islami (Islamic Army), said that the proposal by Nuri al-Maliki, the prime minister, is far from being an 'initiative for national reconciliation'.

'If the proposal excludes those who fought the Americans, then who is supposed to be meant by this proposal?' al-Shammari said. 'We do not recognise this government. ... We do not mind a technocrat government that carries out the day-to-day interests of Iraqi people.'

In an effort to leave the the door open for future dialogue, al-Shammari said talks would have to be with the Americans. 'How can they ask us to disarm and to attend negotiations with a government appointed by the occupation?

'If the Americans are serious, we are ready to have negotiations with them as counterparts and on the basis of equality. Moreover, it is not possible to sit with their agents,' he said.

Muhammad Hasan al-Gailani, spokesman for Thwrat al-Ishreen Brigades (Brigades of 1920 revolution) said that the current Iraqi politicians are not the right party to launch a reconciliation initiative.

'The problem is not between the Iraqi resistance and al-Maliki's people, our problem is with the US occupation forces. Why should we deal with al-Maliki's proposals?' al-Gailani said.

'The resistance has a strict stance to resist the occupation and all squads of resistance have rejected the initiative because this initiative didn't talk about the occupation. We have never heard of those names of resistance groups that are said to have agreed on the plan,' he said.


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