On Bush in Israel: Beyond Brutality

Dar Al Hayat:

In cold blood and with an empty head, this President daily oversees the killing of children in Lebanon and Palestine, in the belief that he is eliminating terror while it is his country that has premeditatedly created it. He is inaugurating a new era of terrorism.

Perhaps, he was assured yesterday, after he heard that Israeli warplanes had not missed the chance to pounce on a new family while it was trying to flee the South of Lebanon. A massacre takes place every day, in accordance with the rule set by the major war criminal, Ariel Sharon.

In the coming days, Israel will not only be satisfied with its brutality, but will go beyond it to make a few meters' progress on the ground. Israel and its US ally can go much further, to entangle Syria in the hellfire of war… or in the course of finding solutions.


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