Rome: Extension of the War

Dar Al Hayat:

After the United States undermined the bid for a ceasefire through the UN Security Council, it aborted it again at the Rome Conference. Even the idea of the international force was met yesterday with a bloody warning, not from Hezbollah, which is the party that would be most harmed by this idea, but from what Kofi Anan has called Israel's 'deliberate' shelling.

The international community, which is still reasonable to some extent, told Condoleezza Rice yesterday that they could not discuss political solutions to the crisis unless the US-Israel duet was ready for a ceasefire. But the Secretary of State understood in Israel, before she came to Rome, that the Israeli military needed more time to complete its mission.

But what mission? 'Condi' herself does not know, perhaps because the goal of striking Hezbollah out of the equation is no longer as easy as the 'rabbi' planners the rabbis in Washington and Tel Aviv had portrayed.

The Rome Conference was just a waste of time and gave Israel a new lease to continue with its killings and destruction. This conference came as bad news for the Lebanese, especially the civilians. It means that the Americans and Israelis are still determined to target their homes, shelters and even the parks to which they fled to spend the nights in the open.

The war and its subsequent crisis have become open, with no time limit. Considering past experiences, they can spin out of control. Those who had once spoken of 'weeks' are now expecting the war to take 'months', added the time required for the return of the displaced and their retrieval of the minimal level of their normal life in their villages, cities and towns.

But George W. Bush and his clique care for neither time nor the suffering of civilians and their pains. Israel promised the US president that the war would eradicate a 'terrorist group' and that it would be the first battle in the war he seeks to wage against Iran before he steps down from office.


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