US soldiers/rapist/murderer's mutilated bodies on video

Aljazeera.Net - US soldiers' mutilated bodies on video:

The Iraqi branch of Al-Qaeda has put on the Internet a video showing the mutilated bodies of two US soldiers kidnapped in June and executed to 'avenge' an Iraqi woman raped near Mahmudiyah south of Baghdad.

'Here is a film on the remains of the bodies of the two American soldiers kidnapped near Yussufiyah (south of Baghdad). We are showing it to avenge our sister who was raped by a soldier belonging to the same division as these two soldiers,' said a preamble by the Mujahedeen Al-Shura Council, an Al-Qaeda dominated alliance of armed Sunni groups in Iraq.

When guerrillas learned of the rape, 'they repressed their sighs to avoid news of the affair spreading but they swore to avenge their sister,' the council said on its usual website.

'Praise God, they captured two soldiers from the same division as this vile crusader. Here are the remains ... to rejoice the hearts of the faithful,' the statement said.

The nearly five-minute film shows the horribly mutilated bodies of the two soldiers, who had had their throats cut. The head of one of them was held high by an armed man, like a trophy. The head of the other was being stamped on by another armed man.


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