Arab Blood Runs Cheap

Dar Al Hayat:

The notion of benevolence, which accompanied the establishment of the State of Israel, is like a mother's feelings for her naughty child. She will accept anything from it. Moreover, this child can set fire to the land and people without being punished by the mother. For the first time, a ceasefire has become problematic to the great USA, because it does not want it. Israel and the US see that the ugly massacres, condemned by the whole world, are simply political arrangements in the region. This means that all the pretexts of the war are false. Thus, the Israeli war machine's plan had already been prepared for, and Israel waited for the opportunity. It does not matter that innocent civilians are the only people who are paying the price. It is no problem that the worthless bodies of the Arab elderly, and of women and children, who have nothing to do with the fighting, are used as firewood. It is a fact that the two Israeli soldiers were captured for the extermination of a whole nation and for the massacre of innocent people in Qana. It is to be regretted that the Security Council did not call a spade a spade. It joined the spectators of the tragedy.


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