Fools rush in to another quagmire

The Daily Star - Editorial - Fools rush in to another quagmire:

Already the siege of Lebanon, which has been billed as another battle in the 'war on terrorism,' seems reminiscent of the war on Iraq, where a foreign army marched in with no concrete plan to restore peace and stability. Instead of having a basis in careful planning, the war on Lebanon seems to be built upon the grandiose schemes outlined in 1996 by a group of US foreign policy hawks in a paper titled 'A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm.' That strategy paper advocated the abandonment of the Arab-Israeli peace process and overthrowing regional regimes, including that of Saddam Hussein. Following this line of thinking, the current war-mongering US administration has made a clean break from the honorable American tradition of promoting peace and has openly embraced the path of destruction.

Yet this path, which has led to a horrendous situation in Iraq, in no way serves American or Israeli interests, nor can it achieve peace and stability. After 23 days of war, the Israeli Army has not gained much ground or reduced the capabilities of Hizbullah to launch attacks on the Jewish state. And even if Israel manages to hurt Hizbullah, there is no forseeable way of defeating them. Much like the anti-occupation insurgents in Iraq, all that Hizbullah needs to do is survive - potentially for decades - and keep inflicting pain on their Israeli occupiers until they are forced to leave in humiliation.

Israel's attacks on Lebanon satisfy nothing other than an insatiable appetite for destruction - that of neoconservatives and militants alike. Each day of the war propels moderates to the extreme and pushes possible solutions further and further out of reach. And far from crushing any enemies, the war is quickly turning the entire Middle East into a cauldron of anti-American and anti-Israeli militancy.


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