Muslims press U.N. for truce in Lebanon

Muslims press U.N. for truce in Lebanon - Yahoo! News:

The Islamic world's largest organization of countries demanded on Thursday that the U.N. implement an immediate cease-fire in Lebanon and investigate what it called flagrant human rights violations by

Leaders of key countries in the 56-nation Organization of the Islamic Conference, including Iran, Indonesia, Pakistan and Turkey, voiced strong support for the Lebanese people 'in their legitimate and courageous resistance against the Israeli aggression.'

'We demand that the United Nations Security Council fulfill its responsibility ... by deciding on and enforcing an immediate and comprehensive cease-fire,' the OIC said at an emergency summit.

The U.N. Human Rights Council should launch 'a full investigation into these criminal acts perpetrated by Israel,' which include the killing of civilians and destruction of homes in Lebanon, the declaration added.

'We hold Israel responsible for the loss of lives and suffering ... and demand that Israel compensate (Lebanon) and its people for the losses sustained resulting from Israeli aggression,' the leaders said.


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