Saudi criticises Bush's “condoning” of Israel’s onslaught

Khaleej Times Online - Saudi criticises US “condoning” of Israel’s onslaught:

“It is known that Israel does not want a ceasefire, because it aims to achieve certain suspicious goals ... But it is irritating to see that some are condoning this (action),” Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal told reporters in Jeddah.

“We disagree with the US policy in this matter,” said Saud, describing the US’ refraining from pushing for a ceasefire in Lebanon as being “confusing and in contrast with American fundamental principles.”

“The United States is the (only) superpower capable of pushing for an immediate ceasefire... We are trying to change the US position,” he added.

Saud also urged the US administration to restrain Israel’s use of US-made weaponry against civilians.

The United States supplies Israel with all makes of weapons. It is within its duty to prevent Israel from using these weapons against civilians and innocents in Lebanon,” he said.


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