Hezbollah Chief Leads Huge Victory over Israel and the US Rally

Hezbollah Chief Leads Huge Rally - New York Times:

“No army in the world is strong enough to disarm us,’’ he told a cheering crowd that appeared to number in the hundreds of thousands.

Mr. Nasrallah’s very presence here today was meant to underscore the idea that Hezbollah had triumphed over Israel, which has vowed to kill him. It was the first time Mr. Nasrallah had been seen in public since July 12th, when he announced the capture of two Israeli soldiers in a cross-border raid, the event that precipitated the 34-day war.

His speech was both a fiery tirade addressed to Israel and the United States, and a giddy celebration of Hezbollah’s strengthened position within Lebanon in the wake of the war.

“During the war, I said we had 11,000 rockets, but it was really more,’’ he told the crowd.

“Is it 12,000?’’ some members of the audience called out.

“Keep counting!’’ he replied.

“Is it 13?’’

“Forget counting!’’ he said, to hearty laughter. “We haven’t even begun rearming, and we have more than 20,000!”


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