More Photos Surface in Widening German Skull Scandal

More Photos Surface in Widening German Skull Scandal | Germany | Deutsche Welle | 27.10.2006:

German defense ministry officials Friday suspended two soldiers for their alleged part in the desecration of skulls in Afghanistan. The scandal meanwhile widened as a tabloid said it would publish more photos Saturday.

Defense Minister Franz Josef Jung said that the two men 'will no longer be a part of the German army.' Four others, who had also been identified as having participated in taking the photographs, have since left the Bundeswehr.

German private TV channel RTL on Thursday night showed pictures of a soldier kissing a skull that was lying on his shoulder and of another posing with a skull mounted on his patrol vehicle. In a third photograph, several skulls are piled on top of each to form a pyramid.

RTL officials said the pictures were taken with a digital camera and dated from March 2004, making them roughly a year younger than the photographs of soldiers and skulls published in Germany's Bild tabloid on Wednesday. They show soldiers posing with a skull mounted on a patrol vehicle bearing the German flag and the acronym ISAF. In one picture, a soldier in a camouflage uniform holds the skull next to his exposed penis.


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