Bush's Israeli cohorts used cluster bombs and anti-personnel landmines against civilians in Lebanaon

'Northern Command ordered firing of cluster bombs' | Jerusalem Post:

Maj.-Gen. Gershon Hacohen, commander of the IDF's Military Colleges, was appointed by Halutz to investigate the military's use of cluster bombs during the war against Hizbullah.

According to military sources, Hacohen, who questioned senior officers in the Northern Command during his investigation, plans to present his findings to Halutz in the coming days.

IDF regulations, set by Halutz, had permitted the use of cluster bombs - used to destroy airfields, tanks and soldiers and capable of scattering some 200 to 600 mini-explosives over targets - only in open and unpopulated areas.

An initial IDF probe, conducted by Brig.-Gen. Michel Ben-Baruch, found that in some cases the deadly munitions were not used in accordance with Halutz's directive.

The military sources told the Post that Northern Command ordered artillery units to use the deadly munitions during the last days of the war, despite Halutz's command.

Reuters has more on landmines here.

The U.N. said on Tuesday Israel used anti-personnel landmines, banned by most countries, as well as cluster bombs during its July-August war in Lebanon.

It said four deminers, two British and a Bosnian were seriously wounded, and a Lebanese expert slightly hurt, at the weekend when they stepped on mines.

Israel is not among the 152 countries that have ratified the 1997 Ottawa pact banning the use, stockpiling, production and transfer of anti-personnel landmines, which activists say kill and maim long after conflicts have ended.

But it is a party to a protocol of the 1980 Convention on Conventional Weapons, which requires they be placed within a demarcated area to ensure that civilians are not harmed.

The incidents near the village of Deir Mimas were the "first evidence we have that the Israeli forces laid new mines in south Lebanon in 2006," the United Nations Mine Action Co-ordination Centre South Lebanon (MACCSL) said.


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