Chavez vows to beat the "devil"

Chavez vows to beat the "devil"|International News|Reuters.com:

Venezuela's leftist President Hugo Chavez on Sunday promised hundreds of thousands of supporters he would win a resounding victory in his December 3 reelection bid he describes as a challenge to Washington.

The former soldier and self-styled revolutionary is favored in the polls to beat rival Manuel Rosales after building a solid political base through a social development campaign financed by oil revenues.

Chavez supporters flooded Caracas thoroughfares waving flags and banners, congregating in different parts of the downtown a day after Rosales sympathizers held a similar march to close his campaign in the capital city.

'We are confronting the devil, and we will hit a home run off the devil next Sunday,' said Chavez, who ruffled feathers in October by calling President Bush the devil in remarks at the United Nations.

'On December 3 we're going to defeat the most powerful empire on earth by knockout,' Chavez said.


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