CIA Blackshirts assassinate Gemayel to foment civil war in Lebanon

Analysis: Will Gemayel hit lead to civil war? | Jerusalem Post:
'The assassination of Pierre Gemayel will undoubtedly lead to a major confrontation, though probably not a civil war in Lebanon. Hizbullah has more arms and its soldiers are better trained and more professional. A full-blown civil war is therefore not in Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Saniora's best interest,' Dr. Boaz Ganor, founder and the Executive Director of the International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT) at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, predicted after news out of Lebanon emerged.

the timing and method and the fact that the faction with the most to gain from the assassination is the bush crime family. this was not a messy bombing, but a surgical strike. happening on the same day syria and iraq begin diplomatic relations, bush blaming syria does not make logical sense.

the daily star in lebanon has further details on the assassination and its investigation:
Internal Security Forces, a forensics team and the Lebanese Army arrived at the crime scene shortly after the shooting to collect evidence. Television footage showed damage to the front of the victims' vehicle and multiple holes in the driver's-side window.

Several Jdeideh residents told The Daily Star late on Tuesday that they had heard "muffled sounds of shooting." Witnesses alternately said that a "Range Rover" or a "Honda MRV" had been used in the attack. A witness was "being treated for serious injuries at the St. Joseph Hospital as well," according to a report by local satellite television station LBC.

Acting Interior Minister Ahmed Fatfat and State Prosecutor Said Mirza went to the hospital after the incident. "Several witnesses are being questioned and some detained pending further questioning," a security source said.

Military Investigating Magistrate Jean Fahd, Chief Investigating Magistrate Rashid Mizher and Mirza met late Tuesday at Mirza's office in order "to exchange information on the incident," another security source said. "Twenty-four bullet casings picked up from the crime scene are being inspected to determine their serial numbers to know the kind of arms used," the second source said, adding that "the guns apparently had silencers which muffled the shots."


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