Dutch, following the Bush Crime Family's lead, tortured Iraqi prisoners

RNW: Dutch torture allegations shock The Hague:

The Dutch cabinet has decided to set up in independent commission to look into the claimed that Dutch troops based in al-Mutanna in Iraq in 2003 mistreated or even tortured Iraqi prisoners. The investigation will look into whether the actions of the troops constitute criminal offences.

At the time the Dutch troops were operating under British command and the information and prisoners themselves were handed over to the British - the newspaper says. The Ministry of Defence admits that the rules were broken but says what happened doesn't amount to torture.

Left wing opposition parties said they were shocked by the revelations and immediately demanded a parliamentary inquiry.

The opposition Labour Party leader Wouter Bos said: 'It's shocking and against all the rules and against human decency and what is also extremely bad is that this is beginning to smell like a cover-up. This apparently happened in 2003 and we're just hearing about it now.'

'We have to get to the bottom of this quickly. We all know from the examples of what the Americans did in Iraq how the reputation of a country can be damaged if you are associated with this sort of outrage.'


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