“Every Inch of Iraq Will Be Covered with US Bodies if Hussein Hangs” Say Baathists

Jihad Unspun - A Clear View On The US War On "Terrorism":

The Baath said in its statement that it “forcibly warns the American administration against the consequences of harming the President and his comrades and declares that America will pay an enormous price such as it has never paid in all its history if the President is caused any harm.”

“This is absolutely not a threat,” the Baath statement said, “it is rather a statement of fact.”

The Baath declared: “Our Party demands that the American Administration immediately and unconditionally release the President and his comrades. That is one of the fundamental preconditions for any negotiation such as America is now feverishly striving to hold with the Party and the Iraqi National Resistance.”

“Accordingly,” the Baath statement emphasized, “any [h]arm done to the President will close the door to any possible negotiations and a final resolution will be taken not to allow any American forces to leave in flight from Iraq unless thousands of bodies go out with them in plastic bags or every inch of soil is covered in their bodies strewn around the country. The world will then witness once again, but this time an even more humiliating disorganized and cowardly flight from the green earth in their aircraft amidst the intense artillery and rocket bombardments of the Resistance – a route greater than what took place in Vietnam."


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