Iran is ready to help US on Iraq: Ahmadinejad

Zee News - Iran is ready to help US on Iraq: Ahmadinejad:

'You went to Iraq to topple Saddam and find weapons of mass destruction, but it was clear to us that you came in order to dominate the region and its oil.'

Ahmadinejad said that the U.S. and Britain are paying for the instability and violence in Iraq. 'You have been trapped in a quagmire and locked in your place with nowhere to go.'

'The Iranian nation is ready to help you to get out of the quagmire - on condition that you resume behaving in a just manner and avoid bullying and invading,`` he added.

'Then, nations of the region, headed by the Iranian nation, will be ready to show you the path of salvation,' Ahmadinejad said. 'It is the time for the leaders of the US and UK to listen. You have reached a dead end in our region as well as in the world.`


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