Iran would remain by the side of the Iraqi nation with all its might and to the very end


Addressing those that have 'brought their military forces from remote parts of the world and stationed them in Iraq,' Ahmadinejad said, 'You brought your forces to the region and ousted Saddam, which made everyone happy, but your remaining in Iraq and your interference in Iraq's internal affairs would only further deteriorate the situation, lead to endless crises, and is a mischievous act.'

He said 'If the countries that have forces in Iraq really intend to evacuate them, as they claim, so their deeds must match their words,' he added.

'The Iraqi nation is a great nation and the different Iraqi ethnic groups have never had any problems living side by side of one another, leading brotherly lives with mutual interests, but today some outsiders try to sow the seeds of discord among them,' he pointed out.

The President also referred to some governments' efforts aimed at weakening the Iraqi government, asking them, 'Why are you trying to worsen the conditions to an extent that the Iraqi people would feel fed up of their own popular government?'

Ahmadinejad emphasized, 'I advise those countries whose efforts are aimed at sowing the seeds of discord and at fomenting tension in Iraq not to ruin the remainder of their lost prestige and reputation before the Iraqi nation, to evacuate Iraq from their occupation forces, and to leave Iraq's affairs up to the great Iraqi nation.'


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