Retribution against Bush and his puppet after seminary bombing kills 80

Suicide blast kills 35 Pakistani soldiers | Special reports | Guardian Unlimited:

A huge suicide bomb ripped through a Pakistani military camp today, killing 42 soldiers and wounding 20 more in a dramatic escalation of hostilities between President Pervez Musharraf and militant tribesmen.

Military officials blamed the attack in Dargai, 85 miles north-west of Islamabad, on extremists seeking revenge for last week's raid on a religious seminary in which 80 alleged militants died.


The attack marked the largest ever suicide bombing against Pakistani soldiers and analysts warned that it signalled an alarming escalation of violence in the troubled North West Frontier province, which borders Afghanistan. 'It's the beginning of an insurgency in Pakistan,' said Talat Masood, a retired army general and media commentator. The area around Dargai has been tense since the Pakistani military attacked a madrasa in Bajaur tribal agency, about 30 miles to the north, nine days ago. After the attack, which killed several children, thousands of tribesmen gathered for protests led by radical clerics, who called for bloody retribution against Pakistani, US and British troops. Many blamed the attack on US Predator drones despite strenuous denials by Pakistani and US officials.


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