A Small victory for the Rule of Law and against the Bush Crime Family | Judge Rules 2001 Listing of Terrorists Violated Law

Judge Rules 2001 Listing of Terrorists Violated Law - New York Times:
The government initially responded by saying it had never used the “otherwise associated with” provision as the sole basis for a designation. It later revised its statement, saying it had done so in at least 2 of 375 further designations.

“It is axiomatic,” Judge Collins ruled, “that the Constitution prohibits punishing a person for mere association.”

She added that nothing in the executive order “limits its application only to those instances of association involving activity, let alone activity that furthers or advances an organization’s illegal goals.”

Like Mr. Bush’s own authority under the 1977 law, the authority he delegated to the Treasury Department, Judge Collins wrote, “contains no definable criteria” and so “is unconstitutionally vague on its face.”


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