U.S. withdrawal only solution to Iraq crisis

U.S. withdrawal only solution to Iraq crisis:

During the past 42 months that Iraq has been under the occupation of U.S. forces, Iran has tried to provide Iraq with all the necessary financial and intellectual means to facilitate the democratization process. Yet, unfortunately, the activities of Arab terrorist groups are threatening the security of the Iraqi nation.

Iranian officials have often expressed deep concern over the presence of these terrorists on Iraqi soil and have tried to inform the international community of the fact that the occupying forces are unable to establish peace and security in the country. At this point in time, not only the Iraqi nation but also Iraqi officials believe that the foreign military presence is hindering efforts to establish security.

They have reached this conclusion because U.S. forces are reluctant to hand over responsibility for security affairs to the Iraqi government, which is actually preventing Iraqi forces from endeavoring to establish peace in their country. Meanwhile, the sharp increase in violence against Iraqi Shias and the lack of a comprehensive security strategy to deal with the situation have raised concern in Iraq’s neighbors, including Iran. Thus, there are many issues to be discussed during Talabani’s visit to Tehran in order to bring the Iranian and Iraqi nations closer together.

One of the points of discussion should be the need to set a specific timetable for the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq. In fact, the United States requires Iran’s cooperation to resolve the Iraq crisis, and without Tehran’s help, all of Washington’s plans for transferring power to the Iraqi government will be doomed to failure.


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