Al Jazeera Interview: Ahmadinejad wants US out of Iraq

Al Jazeera English - Middle East:

When asked if he ever envisioned himself discussing Iraq with the US and if there was anything he wanted from the Americans, Ahmadinejad said: 'We don’t want anything from America, just leave the Iraqis alone.'

'They know how to govern themselves and provide their own security. The problem is with the presence of the US. Let them leave and the Iraqis will be fine.'

He accused Washington of exacerbating tensions between Iraq's deeply divided communities, saying it is 'afraid of an independent Iraq'. 'We know that the Americans and the Britons want to leave Iraq ... But they want to leave a scorched earth for the Iraqi people,' he said.

'They have started doing things like creating sedition among Iraqis - Sunnis and Shia, Kurds and Shia.'

Ahmadinejad also said supporters of the Lebanese opposition led by Hezbollah, which is believed to have links with Iran, had a right to demonstrate against the government. 'In a land of democracy it is natural for people to voice their opinions, after all the government has to serve their people,' he said.


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