Blair has no respect for the rule of law | Bush Crime Family's puppy is learning when to heel to the House of Saud | Good Puppy, Good!

Guardian Unlimited | Comment is free | The BAE affair sends all the wrong signals:

...Britain has signalled to the world that, where defence contracts are concerned, it has a flexible code of business ethics. It appears not to frown on the use of prostitutes or payments to slush funds to help secure a deal. It has also signalled that the office of the attorney general is not independent, as it ought to be in a democracy, but takes its orders from the Prime Minister. Those signals also carry consequences, corroding public trust and damaging the reputation of British business.

The real long-term view recognises that upholding the rule of law is not in conflict with the 'wider public interest'. It is what gives government legitimacy, without which it has no authority to dictate what is or is not a matter of national security


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