Bush assures India that the Congress and its lawmaking does not matter!

We will be bound only by 123 nuclear agreement: India (3rd Roundup) - India:

'The government welcomes the outcome of the conference in the US Congress that has reconciled the Waiver Bills earlier passed by the House of Representatives and the Senate respectively which would enable resumption of civilian nuclear energy cooperation between India and the USA,' the statement added.

'The US administration has assured us that once passed, this legislation would enable it to fulfil all its commitments and obligations under the 18 July Joint Statement and the Separation Plan,' it stressed.

'The enactment of the waiver has wider implications for India's access to international cooperation in civilian nuclear energy and is, therefore, of historic significance,' the ministry said.

'Our obligations and commitments will be those that we undertake in the bilateral 123 Agreement. We expect that to adhere to the July 18 Joint Statement and the Separation Plan,' the ministry underlined, making a crucial distinction between a law of the US and the bilateral agreement which will be the sole binding document relating to civil nuclear cooperation between the two countries.

'We look forward to working with the US administration for an early conclusion of a satisfactory agreement,' the ministry said.


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