Bush Crime Family editing opinion pieces critical of impending invasion into Iran | Daddy Bush Felon Eliot Abrams involved in the cover-up

The Washington Note:

Informed Comment has more on this.

UPDATE: The piece the crime family is trying to edit can be found here in its full version. The New York Times printed an edited version on 12/22. Here is an explanation of the deleted portions, also from the 12/22 New York Times.

These comments from a letter written by Flynt Leverett, 'a former government official who worked at the Central Intelligence Agency, the Department of State, and on the National Security Council staff of the George W. Bush administration, is now a senior fellow and Director of the Geopolitics of Energy Initiative at the New America Foundation':

Mr. Pollack also supports the administration's reluctance to engage with Iran, in contrast to my consistent and sharp criticism of that position. It would seem that, if one is expounding views congenial to the White House, it does not intervene in prepublication censorship, but, if one is a critic, White House officials will use fraudulent charges of revealing classified information to keep critical views from being heard. My understanding is that the White House staffers who have injected themselves into this process are working for Elliott Abrams and Megan O'Sullivan, both politically appointed deputies to President Bush's National Security Adviser, Stephen Hadley.

Their conduct in this matter is despicable and un-American in the profoundest sense of that term. I am also deeply disappointed that former colleagues at the Central Intelligence Agency have proven so supine in the face of tawdry political pressure. Intelligence officers are supposed to act better than that.

For more on this felon now inside the Bush Crime Family, see the following links:

Track his criminal past with Reagan, and the Bush's here
Most recently:

Abrams' involvement in the Israel-Hezbollah conflict is unclear. According to an unnamed U.S. government consultant “with close ties to Israel” interviewed by Seymour Hersh, Israel had put together bombing plans long before Hezbollah kidnapped the two Israeli soldiers, which set off the conflict. As they developed their plans early this summer, according to the consultant, Israeli officials went to Washington “to get a green light for the bombing operation and to find out how much the United States would bear … Israel began with Cheney. It wanted to be sure that it had his support and the support of his office and the Middle East desk [where Abrams is ensconced] of the National Security Council” (New Yorker, August 21, 2006).

Eliot Abrams: From Iran-Contra to Bush's Democracy Czar

Iran-Contra Figure to Lead Democracy Efforts Abroad

Back in Political Forefrunt: Iran-Contra Figure Plays Key Role in Mideast

And this beauty from March 2003, regarding the aftermath of Iraq

"We recognize that military action in Iraq, if necessary, will have adverse humanitarian consequences," Abrams said at a news conference Monday. "We have been planning over the last several months, across all relevant agencies, to limit any such consequences and provide relief quickly."

Abrams said the U.S. military plan was "carefully tailored" to limit the displacement of Iraqi civilians and damage to the country's infrastructure in hopes of minimizing the humanitarian crisis.


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I wish to express my gratitude to you for compiling that list from the Hot Tub Bugman's site... I still scroll through it to lighten my day.

And yes ... Old Helliott ... Scumbag supreme. A perfect neocon's Straussian neoconservative through and through from his humble beginnings as a deep cover "agent provocateur" feigning socialist leanings with the Young People's Socialist League on up to the high halls of power doing "selective" oversight for the authoritarian supporters of the death squads of Central America. I do believe Helliott's still persona non gratis in El Salvador.

You know James, if I had the time I'd love to set-up another sister site in addition to the A**hole Patrol. Something along the lines of Thee A**hole Patrol Hall of Shame & Infamy. There, there could be enscounced for perpetuity, or at least till the electricity goes down or the site gets nuked, all the Class-1A A**Holes that the patrol team deem worthy of inclusion. But since at my advanced age of a sexagenarian watching paint dry and grass grow is more important for my sanity.

Thanks for visiting...


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thanks for your kind words, triple h...

there are so many filthy scumbags, lying, murdering, iran-contra/cia felons in the whitehouse that, yes, a good compendium of all the players would be good to make...

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