Bush Crime Family: You are Next! | U.S. torture statute put to the test

U.S. torture statute put to the test - Newsday.com:

For 12 years the U.S. federal Torture Statute lay unused. Wednesday, federal prosecutors finally unleashed it.

The target of the first indictment under the 1994 anti-torture law was the 29-year-old son of the notorious former Liberian President Charles Taylor, Charles McArthur Emmanuel -- more commonly known as Charles "Chuckie" Taylor.


'This is a huge precedent,' said a source close to the investigation. 'If the U.S. is willing to prosecute its own citizens for this , then certainly we'll be willing to prosecute foreigners who have been involved in torture or who are trying to hide in the U.S. It just illustrates the U.S. isn't messing around.'


'This is very significant in terms of the U.S. indicating that torture is not acceptable,' said Elise Keppler, counsel with Human Rights Watch's International Justice Program. 'And we'll be looking to the U.S. government to take this law further and apply it in other cases.'


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