Bush diplomat warns Syria and Iran over Lebanese protests | Carries water for Israel | Another victory for the Bush Administration over Dissent

Middle East Online:

Rice rejected mounting calls to deal directly with Damascus and Tehran as part of efforts to end the crisis in Iraq -- a key recommendation issued last week by the influential Iraq Study Group.

And she warned Syria and Iran that the United States had no intention of trading off its support for the moderate government of Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Siniora for their help in ending the bloodshed in Iraq.

'The fact of the matter is that Syria is engaged in a policy that is being demonstrated right now in the streets of Lebanon, where there is an attempt to bring down the Siniora government using or supporting extremist forces,' she said.

'In no way is the US going to get into a situation where it is even a conceivable notion on the part of Syria or Iran that the future of Lebanon would somehow be compromised for other interests of the US,' she said.

'I want to make it very clear that the future of Lebanon is not an issue for negotiation with anybody,' she said.


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