Chavez hails landslide election victory as defeat of 'devil' Bush

Independent Online Edition > Americas:

Emboldened by a landslide election victory, the Venezuelan leader, Hugo Chavez is poised to forge ahead with his 'Bolivarian revolution' - but analysts warned that the US may continue to try to undermine him.

Mr Chavez secured about 61 per cent of Sunday's vote and immediately told supporters that his third term would see an 'expansion of the revolution' that has seen the establishment of social programmes for the poor using the country's oil wealth.

'Long live the revolution. Venezuela is demonstrating that a new and better world is possible and we are building it,' Mr Chavez said from the balcony of the presidential palace on Sunday evening. Repeating an attack on the US President, George Bush, he said: 'It's another defeat for the devil, who tries to dominate the world. Down with imperialism.'


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