Do they really hate us for our freedom???

Marine convicted of rape in Philippines | Chron.com - Houston Chronicle:
A young U.S. Marine faces 40 years in jail after being convicted Monday of rape in a landmark case that has become a symbol for women's rights and national sovereignty in the Philippines.

Makati Regional Trial Court Judge Benjamin Pozon rejected Lance Cpl. Daniel Smith's claim that the woman was a willing partner, saying she was too drunk to have consented to having sex.

Three other Marines were acquitted of complicity for allegedly cheering on Smith in the back of a moving van.


Anonymous IMSMALL said...


Let me not feel
Malice for them
Who in their zeal
Yet haw and hem
Extravagant fervor
For one not deserver.

Let me pull back
From hating, yet
Despite Iraq
I must not let
Their malice so chummy
Unnerve or become me.

Let me remain
Distant apart,
Even though pain
Keeping a heart,
Not ever believing
In gain by deceiving.

So they are led
Greatly astray,
Making their bed
Hell theirs to pay--
Let me discover
Myself as lover.

Lover of truth,
Liberty, fairness,
Let their uncouth
Treasons in bareness
In me find no lodging
Despite words massaging.

┬┤Tis hard indeed
To understand
That by their greed
And underhand
So stealthful maneuvers
That they fail as lovers.

Lovers of truth,
Liberty, fairness,
With their uncouth
Lack of awareness:
Despite their confusing
It theirs is the losing.

11:05 AM  

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