here is your iraq study group, and i did it for free...

the answer is ‘there is no answer’. why can’t people just be happy with the fact that not every situation can be fixed by the americans???? you go into a country, occupy it, torture it, kill it, burn it, and then sit there on your asses and say, ‘gee, how do we fix it now???’

the way americans fix iraq is to leave immediately, promise to never do it again, pay billions of dollars in reparations, imprison the bush administration, and hope and pray that the rest of the world does not treat you as badly as you treat them.

the iraqis will take care of it. they are big boys. the american sympathizers and traitors will be hung like the dogs they are, and life will go on. as they choose, not as america chooses.

now, you can stay and continue to get killed, if you wish, but, it makes more sense to just leave, no?


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