Iraq: More Hellish Now Than Under Saddam | Son of Bush continues his Oedipal battle to cause more death, destruction, and bloodshed than his father

AlterNet: War on Iraq: Iraq: More Hellish Now Than Under Saddam:

The tragedy unleashed by the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq defies description.

According to the most recent findings of the Lancet medical journal, the number of 'excess deaths' in Iraq since the U.S. invasion is more than 650,000. 'Iraq is the fastest-growing refugee crisis in the world,' according to Refugee International: nearly two million Iraqis have fled the country entirely, while at least another 500,000 are internally displaced.

Basic foods and necessities are beyond the reach of ordinary Iraqis because of massive inflation. 'A gallon of gasoline cost as little as 4 cents in November. Now, after the International Monetary Fund pushed the Oil Ministry to cut its subsidies, the official price is about 67 cents,' the New York Times notes. 'The spike has come as a shock to Iraqis, who make only about $150 a month on average -- if they have jobs,' an important proviso, since unemployment is roughly 60-70 percent nationally.

October 2006 proved to be the bloodiest month of the entire occupation, with more than six thousand civilians killed in Iraq, most in Baghdad, where thousands of additional U.S. troops have been sent since August with the claim they would restore order and stability in the city, but instead only sparked more violence. United Nations special investigator Manfred Nowak notes that torture 'is totally out of hand' in Iraq. 'The situation is so bad many people say it is worse than it has been in the times of Saddam Hussein.' The number of U.S. soldiers dead is now more than 2,900, with more than 21,000 wounded, many severely.

The underlying trend is clear: Each day the occupation continues, life gets worse for most Iraqis. Rather than stemming civil war or sectarian conflict, the occupation is spurring it. Rather than being a source of stability, the occupation is the major source of instability and chaos.


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