Israel high court authorizes war-crimes against Palestinians | How could the Bush, another political assasinator, say anything against that?

JURIST - Paper Chase: Israel high court rules some targeted killings legal:

The Israeli Supreme Court ruled Thursday that not all targeted killings of Palestinian militants are prohibited by international law. Two Israeli human rights groups filed a petition in 2002 seeking a ban on the Israeli policy, which government officials defend as the most effective method of stopping Palestinian terrorists from bombing Israel targets. The high court acknowledged that some killings were not legal, but refused to order a complete ban:

Thus it is decided that it cannot be determined in advance that every targeted killing is prohibited according to customary international law, just as it cannot be determined in advance that every targeted killing is permissible according to customary international law. The law of targeted killing is determined in the customary international law, and the legality of each individual such act must be determined in light of it.

Reaction to the court's judgement from Haaretz:

"The High Court has given its authorization to extrajudicial executions and war crimes," said National Democratic Assembly MK Jamal Zahalka.

"The issue must be transferred to the international courts," continued Zahalka. "The matter is not an internal Israeli one, but rather must be dealt with within an international framework."

MK Ahmed Tibi (Ra'am-Ta'al) said in response that, "This is the continuation of the High Court's security-oriented stance, which since 1967 has authorized expropriation, expulsion, uprootings, and assassinations."


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