James Baker evaded Iraq sanctions to collect a quick $30,000,000 cut | Member emeritus of the Bush Crime Family used Israelis to avoid US sanctions

Arutz Sheva - Israel National News:
Baker hired Nir Gouaz, president of Caesar Global Securities in Israel, to collect a debt from the Hussein regime in 1998.

Baker is a senior partner at the Houston-based law firm Baker Botts, which made some $30 million in fees from the deal that the Israeli businessman mediated.

Gouaz said the Iraqi regime owed some $1.65 billion to the Korean Hyundai Engineering firm for a series of construction projects on which it defaulted in the wake of the Gulf War. U.S. legal sanctions on Iraq did not apply to Israelis, hence Baker’s request that Gouaz mediate the deal. The Bank of Jordan was also involved in the transactions.


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