The Long and Miserable Life of George W. Bush

This from my DailyKos diary

As the grandson of a Nazi-sympathizer, and the son of a war-criminal, what could we have really expected? As the son of a mother who lifted her leg and pissed on the victims of Katrina; and the brother of someone whose baby-sitter somehow killed herself by running herself over with her own car; and another brother who has lived a, lets say, dubious life, what could we have really expected? After failing at every single venture he had ever attempted; after executing more people in the State of Texas than any other Governor to ever serve in the United States; after stealing the election in 2000; lying America into war; stealing the election in 2004; and lying about the Democrats in 2006, what could we have really expected?

The short answer is: Nothing good.

The longer answer is still being written in front of our eyes. Soon the 3000th body will drop dead to the ground in Iraq; the 30,000th will become wounded, and possibly disfigured physically, if not mentally, forever. Soon the next uncounted innocent Iraqi will die. The damage to the unborn is yet to come, but can be expected.

Soon, Saddam Hussein will be dead. After receiving decades of support from successive Administations; after receiving Weapons of Mass Destruction from the American government; after being given the green-light to reclaim what Iraq still considered its Nineteenth Province in 1991; after over a million of his citizens were killed thanks to sanctions created, for all practical purposes, by the United States; after not receiving a fair trial; Saddam will hang.

But we have bigger problems that hanging a thousand Saddam's would not cure. It is our President, not their President, who used chemical weapons in Fallujah. It was our President, not their President, who tortured hundreds in the pursuit of his extreme ideology. It was, our President, not theirs, that used the CIA torture flights in violation of International Law. It is our President, and not theirs, who has created 1.5 million Iraqi refugees as a result of his illegal war. It is our President, and not theirs, who took away our civil rights; who tapped our calls; who terrorized us with the threats of impending attacks that were never real; who can make any one of us an 'enemy combatant' and lock us away in a legal black-hole for the rest of our lives. That was not Saddam Hussein, that is George Bush.

And it is not over: Will our President, this delusional, dim-witted, idiot listen to the voices in his head and decide to invade Syria, Iran, or North Korea? Will felons and re-tread war-criminals continue to befoul the White House? Will the media continue to lie for this man? Will the right-wing propagandists continue to blame American citizens who do not have what it takes to 'win in Iraq'?

Will the Opposition Party grow a stronger spine in time to defend our Constitution, and toss this murderer to the curb? Or, will they simply write letters that never get answered, and tell us why impeachment just isn't the right thing to do? Will the leader in the Senate wake from his perpetual state of slumber and actually fight?

The other President is being hanged; but, after all this, one must wonder whether the rope could possibly hold two. There has never been a more disgusting, murdering, lying, repulsive, animal to suck air into its lungs in the past sixty-one years. And, he is the President of the United States--for another 752 days...


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It's true, all true.

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The long and miserable life of all who read these ramblings. Get away from the computer, get some fresh air and get back into the real world.

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