Our leaders should be tried in Baghdad

Telegraph | Comment | Our leaders should be tried in Baghdad:

When they stood at their lecterns in Washington to make their best fist of the Iraq Study Group's report, Tony looked like King George VI in his last painful months of life and George looked like a care-home patient using someone else's teeth. Having to digest such damning remarks as 'the situation in Iraq is grave and deteriorating' clearly didn't make them feel younger than springtime.

Blair called the Baker-Hamilton report 'helpful', which was an odd adjective, since both men parked it almost the moment they walked stiffly off the podiums. Tony flew home to help the police with their inquiries (no doubt an ageing process). Now he has to work out what to say about Carne Ross's accusation that the British Government 'knew', really did know, that there were no WMD in Iraq.

George went to the Pentagon for day-long meetings about how to spin the Baker-Hamilton report. When he came out, he had a little train of solemn old men with him: the Chiefs of Staff, the senior Pentagon policy wonks, Cheney, Rummy.

Rummy? How odd, in British eyes, to see Donald Rumsfeld still standing beside the Commander-in-Chief. When Tony Blair sacks his Defence Secretary, the bloke reels out five minutes later for his very last drive in the chauffeured car. In America, you get until January for the changeover.

Odder, to British ears, was Bush's line about what he'd been doing with this high-up bunch of seniors. They had had, he said, a 'very candid and fruitful discussion about how to secure this country and how to win a war that, uh, that, uh, we now find ourselves in'. Find ourselves in? Doesn't he hear what comes out of his mouth?


Those two blood-soaked old warmongers, Bush and Blair, should both be impeached. Try 'em in Baghdad, I say.


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