A response to the Ishaqi Massacre | Meanwhile, Bush listens to the voices in his head and considers sending more targets

Jihad Unspun - A Clear View On The US War On "Terrorism":

Day after day the Crusader enemy shows his ugly face and reveals his hidden bitterness towards the Muslims. And day after day, the whole world realizes the lie called democracy that the United States Loser administration tries to promote in Iraq, Afghanistan and other Muslim countries.

As the Unites States Loser army suffers daily losses, it has become obvious to the public that this army has failed to break the will of Mujahideen. We now see their anger, hatred and rancor toward unarmed Muslim openly, trying to weaken the will of Mujahideen.

Two days before, they executed two unarmed families of farmers in the Ishaqi island district in northern Baghdad province. Following that, their warplanes bombarded two homes, reducing them to rubble and killing and injuring dozens of them, mostly woman and children. As they usually do when they commit like crimes, they lied saying that the fault belonged to the Mujahideen.

We tell him (the American enemy) that the Islamic state of Iraq will not let this crime go without punishment, and that the Mujahideen are determined to avenge the blood of our innocent women and children who were the victims of this ugly Crusaders' massacre. We call on our people in Ishaqi to be patient, and to ask Allah to reward them for their loss. May Allah accept our martyrs, and heal our wounded for He is the All-Hearer and the Responder.


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