Rights groups: Israel tortures Palestinian detainees | Bush Crime Family looks on and takes notes

Rights groups: ISA tortures detainees | Jerusalem Post:

'The truth is that these complaints are not examined,' said Abram. 'This is the cover-up that the government uses to convince well-meaning people that there is no torture in Israel.' Other speakers maintained that although the Shin Bet did not systematically use the torture techniques that were outlawed by the High Court or similar, pain-causing methods, it continued to employ them in some instances and had found new ones to humiliate and dehumanize the detainees.

PCATI attorney Samah Elkhatib-Ayoub said that since the beginning of the second intifada, her organization had received complaints from detainees on a daily basis of 'new, original and more sophisticated interrogation methods than in the past.' These included hanging detainees upside down by their feet and hands, tearing out beards, choking, applying the banana bend (in which the detainee's hips and chest are pulled back), and the half banana bend, applying the frog squat and violent shaking.

Elkhatib-Ayoub said that in addition to these methods, detainees were also beaten by soldiers between their arrest and transfer to the interrogation facility, barred from seeing a lawyer, and held in substandard detention conditions.


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