Saddam a martyr

Saddam a martyr - lawyers: World: Iraqi Dossier: News24:

Lawyers for Iraqi ex-president Saddam Hussein said his execution on Saturday was a 'political assassination' and that the former leader died 'a martyr', according to a statement.

'President Saddam Hussein died a martyr... faced with the power and injustice of those who stole his rights from him as well as those of his own defence,' said the statement.

'The martyr chose his martyr path voluntarily and consciously to highlight that the struggle between law and power would not end here,' it said.

'The defence team will not close the book on this matter and will pursue its struggle, using all legal paths available locally and internationally until public opinion gets the truth about this political assassination.'

The lawyers repeated their assertions that the trial was a 'masquerade' and 'a flagrant violation of international law'.

Saddam 'will remain a symbol for all those who fight against law by force ... and he is now in Paradise, God willing,' said the statement.


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