Saddam's national address to the people of Iraq, 24 March 2003 | 'The enemy is trapped in the sacred land of Iraq''

'The enemy is trapped in the sacred land of Iraq' | Special reports | Guardian Unlimited:
Therefore, after underestimating you ... the enemy is trapped in the sacred land of Iraq which is being defended by its great people and army.

O brave fighters, hit your enemy with all your strength. O Iraqis, fight with the strength of the spirit of jihad which you carry in you and push them to the point where they cannot go on.

You (fighters) will reap stability and dignity with victory. For our martyrs the prize of heaven and for you the prize of honour which satisfies God and which will be recorded by history. The lesson you teach the enemy will make them think twice, and even be incapable, of attacking you, your nation and humanity again.

Hit them so that good and its people may reign and evil evicted back to its place. Mothers, daughters, fathers and sons, together with all the faithful and good, will sleep in comfort after being terrified by aggression. Your struggle will dishearten the aggressor. Oh Arabs, oh faithful of the world, oh those who support justice and oppose evil, we herald the victory that God has promised us in the conflict against the lowlifes and enemies of humanity.'


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