Three Car Bombs Target Shiite Areas Of Baghdad; 91 Dead, Dozens Wounded

Jihad Unspun - A Clear View On The US War On "Terrorism":

The attacks come as 12 more bodies of Sunnis who had been handcuffed and shot were found by police. It was not made clear where the bodies were located in early official reports.

The Islamic State of Iraq has declared Jihad against the Shiites after Shia gunmen and Al-Mahdi army militia went on a rampage destroying burning mosques with Sunni worshippers inside as well as homes of Sunni. Shia deaths squads have been operating openly in the country, in plain view of US forces and often wearing government uniforms. Recently Sunnis were rounded up at a Baghdad university with the help of so-called government “Shock Troops” and once identified were kidnapped. Several were found dead in the days that followed.

This is likely just the beginning of a fresh wave of attacks to come and Sunni Mujahideen vow to cleanse Baghdad of the Americans and their Shiite collaborators.


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