George Bush's Israel used Uranium-based cluster bombs in Lebanon

Independent Online Edition > Robert Fisk:

Did Israel use a secret new uranium-based weapon in southern Lebanon this summer in the 34-day assault that cost more than 1,300 Lebanese lives, most of them civilians?

We know that the Israelis used American 'bunker-buster' bombs on Hizbollah's Beirut headquarters. We know that they drenched southern Lebanon with cluster bombs in the last 72 hours of the war, leaving tens of thousands of bomblets which are still killing Lebanese civilians every week. And we now know - after it first categorically denied using such munitions - that the Israeli army also used phosphorous bombs, weapons which are supposed to be restricted under the third protocol of the Geneva Conventions, which neither Israel nor the United States have signed.

But scientific evidence gathered from at least two bomb craters in Khiam and At-Tiri, the scene of fierce fighting between Hizbollah guerrillas and Israeli troops last July and August, suggests that uranium-based munitions may now also be included in Israel's weapons inventory - and were used against targets in Lebanon.


This is George Bush's Interrogation Methodology

Interview with Terror Expert Ron Suskind: "The President Knows more than He Lets on" - International - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News:

SPIEGEL ONLINE: And what happened to Khalid Shaikh Mohammed?

Suskind: He was really the prize. He is the 9/11 operational planner, a kind of general in the al-Qaida firmament. He was water-boarded, hot and cold, all matter of deprivations, beatings, threats. He told us some things, but frankly things that professional interrogators say could have been gotten otherwise.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: With waterboarding, the prisoner is made to feel as though he is drowing, even if he isn't really at risk of dying. There are reports that Mohammed was a kind of unoffical record-holder when it came to waterboarding.

Suskind: With extraordinary minutes passing he earned a sort of grudging respect from interrogators. The thing they did with Mohammed is that we had captured his children, a boy and a girl, age 7 and 9. And at the darkest moment we threatened grievous injury to his children if he did not cooperate. His response was quite clear: 'That's fine. You can do what you want to my children, and they will find a better place with Allah.'

More Photos Surface in Widening German Skull Scandal

More Photos Surface in Widening German Skull Scandal | Germany | Deutsche Welle | 27.10.2006:

German defense ministry officials Friday suspended two soldiers for their alleged part in the desecration of skulls in Afghanistan. The scandal meanwhile widened as a tabloid said it would publish more photos Saturday.

Defense Minister Franz Josef Jung said that the two men 'will no longer be a part of the German army.' Four others, who had also been identified as having participated in taking the photographs, have since left the Bundeswehr.

German private TV channel RTL on Thursday night showed pictures of a soldier kissing a skull that was lying on his shoulder and of another posing with a skull mounted on his patrol vehicle. In a third photograph, several skulls are piled on top of each to form a pyramid.

RTL officials said the pictures were taken with a digital camera and dated from March 2004, making them roughly a year younger than the photographs of soldiers and skulls published in Germany's Bild tabloid on Wednesday. They show soldiers posing with a skull mounted on a patrol vehicle bearing the German flag and the acronym ISAF. In one picture, a soldier in a camouflage uniform holds the skull next to his exposed penis.


Iraq invasion 'pure failure', Blix says

globeandmail.com: Iraq invasion 'pure failure', Blix says:

Former UN chief weapons inspector Hans Blix on Wednesday described the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq as a “pure failure” that had left the country worse off than under the dictatorial rule of Saddam Hussein.

In unusually harsh comments to Danish newspaper Politiken, the diplomatic Swede said the U.S. government had ended up in a situation in which neither staying nor leaving Iraq were good options.

“Iraq is a pure failure,” Mr. Blix was quoted as saying. “If the Americans pull out, there is a risk that they will leave a country in civil war. At the same time it doesn't seem that the United States can help to stabilize the situation by staying there.”

War-related violence in Iraq has grown worse with dozens of civilians, government officials and police and security forces being killed every day. At least 83 American soldiers have been killed in October — the highest monthly toll this year.

CIA tried to silence EU on torture flights

CIA tried to silence EU on torture flights | Special reports | Guardian Unlimited:

The CIA tried to persuade Germany to silence EU protests about the human rights record of one of America's key allies in its clandestine torture flights programme, the Guardian can reveal.

According to a secret intelligence report, the CIA offered to let Germany have access to one of its citizens, an al-Qaida suspect being held in a Moroccan cell. But the US secret agents demanded that in return, Berlin should cooperate and 'avert pressure from EU' over human rights abuses in the north African country. The report describes Morocco as a 'valuable partner in the fight against terrorism'.


German ministers 'knew about CIA torture cells'

Independent Online Edition > Europe:

The German government is alleged to have received first-hand evidence that the CIA began torturing terrorist suspects at secret prisons in Europe shortly after the September 11 attacks, despite claiming it only knew about such sites through the media.

Stern magazine quoted a leaked German intelligence report yesterday which said that only weeks after September 11 2001, two agents and a translator visited a US military prison at the American 'Eagle Base' in the Bosnian town of Tuzla, where they saw a torture victim.

May Rumsfeld burn in a special hell: Can ‘20th hijacker’ ever stand trial?

Can ‘20th hijacker’ ever stand trial? - International Terrorism - MSNBC.com:

Mohammed al-Qahtani, detainee No. 063, was forced to wear a bra. He had a thong placed on his head. He was massaged by a female interrogator who straddled him like a lap dancer. He was told that his mother and sisters were whores. He was told that other detainees knew he was gay. He was forced to dance with a male interrogator. He was strip-searched in front of women. He was led on a leash and forced to perform dog tricks. He was doused with water. He was prevented from praying. He was forced to watch as an interrogator squatted over his Koran.

That much is known. These details were among the findings of the U.S. Army’s investigation of al-Qahtani's aggressive interrogation at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

But only now is a picture emerging of how the interrogation policy developed, and the battle that law enforcement agents waged, inside Guantanamo and in the offices of the Pentagon, against harsh treatment of al-Qahtani and other detainees by military intelligence interrogators.


Israel Admits It Used Chemical Weapons in Lebanon

Israel Admits It Used Phosphorous Weapons in Lebanon:

The Israeli army dropped phosphorous bombs against Hezbollah guerrilla targets in Lebanon during the war there this summer, an Israeli cabinet minister said Sunday, confirming Lebanese allegations for the first time.

Until now, Israel had said it only used the weapons - which cause severe chemical burns - to mark targets or territory, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported.